The Top 10 Voice Actors in Classic Disney Films  Behind The Voice Actors | Inside Voiceover—Cutting-edge Insights + Enlightening, Entertaining News for Voiceover Professionals |
A well-deserved homage to the great voice actors behind many of the most beloved characters in the classic Disney films many of us grew up with, like "Jungle Book," "Sleeping Beauty" and "Winnie the Pooh." In fact, it's impossible to think of "Pooh" without hearing Sterling Holloway's voice, which is why I probably would have put him in the #1 on my list, even though the amazing Verna Felton has always been one of my favorite character actors.

Btw with much being made of celebrities vs. non-celebrities in animation films nowadays, it should be noted that many of these character actors, like Pat Buttram, and Felton and Holloway, were as well-known for their as on-camera work. And the incomparable Phil Harris was actually best known as a band leader, who seemed to be more at home hanging out with his Rat Pack buddies, like Dean Martin, than the Mouse!