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Tips for using gamification in your content marketing strategy

1. Start small. If you've never tried gamification, it's a good idea to start with a simple "game" so you can gauge results and become familiar with how the theory works. A good way to start is rewarding visitors for liking your Facebook page, following your company site on Twitter or viewing your videos on YouTube.

2. Break up the "game" into manageable pieces. If your game or the reward system you're creating for your Web site is so complex that you need a two-inch-thick manual to figure it out, your site visitors are going to throw up their hands in dismay. A better approach is to divide the new activities and new goals into small pieces that visitors can learn about gradually.

3. Tie gamification to your marketing goals. While it's exciting to see a surge in site visitors due to your new gamification plan, make sure to structure your plan so that such visitors don't just "play" your game and exit the site, doing little towards increasing your bottom line or creating better product awareness.

4. Get help. Gamification can be a little tricky, especially when you first begin. Plus, unlike traditional content marketing, it requires regular maintenance and updating. If you're like most small business/Web site owners, you're already wearing a number of hats. There are several companies, such as Badgeville and Gigya, that specialize in creating and administering gamification programs.



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