Don't you ever get tired of listening to the same old speech?

   .: "Multitasking is critical in a world of infinite demand." - No. Do multitasking and you end up getting nothing done.


   .: "A little bit of anxiety helps us perform better." - Impossible. It just gets you out of focus. Concentration levels go down, how could performance go up?


   .: "Creativity is genetically inherited, and it's impossible to teach." - Everyone can be creative. And it can be taught. Being creative doesn't mean you are an artist, it means you are a problem solver and you are able to find the best solution.


   .: "The best way to get more work done is to work longer hours." - Is it? How far do you keep performing if you are just overloaded and tired? I believe in sustainable pace.


More detail on these in the article I publish here. Take a peak!