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Rescooped by Trudy Raymakers from Content Curation World!

Collaborative Curation and Personalization The Future of Museums: A Study Report

Collaborative Curation and Personalization  The Future of Museums: A Study Report | innovative libraries |

This report highlights a number of key trends that will have a significant impact on the user experience and design of future collections and museums.

Via Robin Good
Jennifer Ryan's curator insight, November 10, 2013 5:04 PM

This is right up my alley. Looking forward to reading about trends and impacts.

Erica Bilder's curator insight, November 15, 2013 7:11 AM

I have nothing to add to Robin Good's terrific insights:

 Robin Good's insight:



Picture these scenarios:

The Victoria & Albert Museum, its collections depleted by massive repatriation, becomes a travel & tourism guide and international affairs ambassador in an increasingly globalized community
 The Freud Museum, in the spirit of its namesake, becomes a provider of mental retreat and therapy (I wonder if the docents will be licensed psychoanalysis?)

These, according to the 40-page report “Museums in a Digital Age” from Arups, may actually be some of the likely new profiles of prestigious museums 25 years from now.  


The report projects that:


"...future museums will see personalised content, new levels of sustainability and a visitor experience extended beyond present expectations of time and space."


A rising desire among audiences to shape their own cultural experiences (“Collaborative Curation”)
 The opportunity for museum to become “curators of experiences” that extend beyond the boundaries of traditional exhibits or programs, or beyond the walls of the museum itself.


Source: ;

 The idea of "collaborative curation" of museum collections by the actual users-visitors, is particularly fascinating.  "Just as current consumer trends shift towards collaborative consumption, in the future, museums may employ new patterns of collaborative curation,allowing for individually curated experiences and giving the public greater control over both content and experience.
Increased visitor participation will allow people themselves to reinvent the museum experience, enabling content that can adapt to the preferences of users in real-time." 


My comment: If you are a curator and are interested in exploring and understanding what the future of large collections and museums may look like and which forces are going to be driving such changes, this is a good report to read.


Insightful. Inspiring 8/10

Original Report: Museums in the Digital Age: ;




Amanda Gregorio's curator insight, October 10, 2014 4:36 PM

Interesting notion

Scooped by Trudy Raymakers!

FrankenLibraries or librarytopia;Cla london

FrankenLibraries or librarytopia;Cla london | innovative libraries |

FrankenLibraries or Librarytopia? Stephen Abram.Disruptions, questions (can we make transformational change?) the shades of gray professionals can put in the dramatised black and white discussions.Trends and what to spy for. The big opportunities and what  libraries have to build.

Trudy Raymakers's insight:

Slide 68 of the presentation describes the basic position of Abram "Until lions learn to write their own story, the story will always be fro the perspective of the hunter not the hunted'.I understand why he travels the world. It's because he has a clear vision without avoiding the questions.

The big opportunities Abram describes;

1. makerspaces 2.E-learning 3.schools and home schooling 4.Moocs 5. Repositories 6.Reader engagement 7.readers first 8.Programs on steroids 9.Outreach vs in the community 10. Enagement 11.Gaming and gamification 12.Crowdfunding 13.IT -cloud, portals, experience design, metadata 14.advocacy versus influence.

He concludes with clear advice on what to build: teaching skills, learning skills, 3.lms mooc development skills, 4.teamwork competencies, 5.partnership competencies, 6.priority-setting and milestone skills, 7.cooperation and collaboration skills, 8.culture of "always in beta', 9.assesment skills and data analysis, 10.advocacy and influencin skills.

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