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Innovations in e-Learning
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George Siemens' interview on MOOCs and Open Education

Dr George Siemens talks about MOOCs and their benefits for the teacher and the learner in the context of open education and OER. Dr Siemens also gives advice...
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elearnspace › MOOCs are really a platform George Siemens

elearnspace › MOOCs are really a platform George Siemens | Innovations in e-Learning |

"We can officially declare massive open online courses (MOOCs) as the higher education buzzword for 2012. Between Coursera, edX and smaller open course offerings, nearly $100 million in funding has been directed toward MOOCs in that past 8 months. Newspapers from NYTimes to Globe and Mail to publications such as the Chronicle of Higher Education, TV programs such as NPR, radio programs such as CBC, and a few hundred thousand blog posts have contributed to the hype. In higher education, there is joyful abundance of opinions on the topic, ranging from breathless proclamations of their disruptive potential to general dismissal of any value. I’ve captured numerous articles here on diigo..."