College Students Boost Digital Adoption, According to CourseSmart Survey | Innovations in e-Learning |

CourseSmart®, the world's largest provider of eTextbooks and digital course materials, today announced the results of a survey revealing college students' growing reliance on technology. The survey of more than 500 currently enrolled college students found that nearly all college students (98%) who own a device have used it for school and a majority of these students (53%) read eTextbooks frequently. Further, 90% of college students say they save time studying with technology -- including mobile devices, digital textbooks, eReaders and tablets.


-average student using 3 devices daily.

-67%)can't go more than an hour without using some digital technology

-40%  the usage not lasting more than 10 minutes

-5% say textbooks are the most important item in their bag

-51% more likely to bring latop vs printed text (39%)

-79% do quick search on device before test

-58% have taken online course motivated by time choice, place,pace

-98% have had online components in cours

71% have taken online test

18% had materials from prof on facebook