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17 to 34-year-olds who came of age with the Internet don't consume media and advertising the same way their parents did. If you want to reach them, you'll need to note these key strategies.


For educators it might pay to watch what the marketers have to say about this generation. This article is totally about selling to millennials, yet all these apply to education:


Summarized and edufied tips from article:


1. Cater to their need to multitask, seek info, get rewards, be entertained, get recognition

2. Don't be Conventional- be clever evoke emotions

3. Gamify with friends- play foster friendly competition- use game mechanics, allow failure and leveling up- it's about engagement

4. Give them ownership- they want to paritcipate and create- be the author

5. Let them Discover- they want to find, discover and share

6. Be everywhere-have a presence everywhere-especially social nets