YouTube Founders Aim to Revamp Delicious | Innovations in e-Learning |

"The revamp of Delicious involves an overhaul of the site’s design and the software and the systems used to tag and organize links...the new Delicious aims to be more of a destination, a place where users can go to see the most recent links shared around topical events, like the Texas wildfires or the anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks, as well as the gadget reviews and tech tips....The home page would feature browseable “stacks,” or collections of related images, videos and links shared around topical events. The site would also make personalized recommendations for users, based on their sharing habits. “We want to simplify things visually, mainstream the product and make it easier for people to understand what they’re doing,” Mr. Hurley said."Jenna Wortham


And the best news is -Chen and Hurley didn't buy it to kill it!