The Darwin Awareness Engine: Tool to Help You with the Curation Process | Innovations in e-Learning |

Overcome information overload with the Awareness Engine™. Our Awareness Engine helps you track Web and Enterprise 2.0 events, discover emerging trends and gain faster understanding of complex issues over time.



How Does It Work?

1. Find relevant information

Internet events, such as news articles, blog postings, discussion board postings, are pulled from the Web on the basis of search queries and/or RSS feeds in order to build the Awareness Engine’s Body of Knowledge.


2. Process information

The algorithms of the Awareness Engine™ then process the collected data using the techniques associated with Chaos Theory presenting Web events in both a temporal perspective as well as in a manner revealing the correlation of those events with each other.


3. Display information

Emerging trends become visible through the Buzz Tape™ that reflects the acceleration in the use of terms over time.
Web-published events are collected and presented in a Scan Cloud™ reflecting their degree of “correlation” with the Topic of Interest.
Filters enable users to drill deeper into specific terms, for a better understanding of complex issues by viewing their different facets.

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Via Giuseppe Mauriello