Curatr is a curation platform geared to learning and educational settings. By adopting a rich, visual interface and a hide-and-reveal approach of information-objects it encourages users to explore learning following their own path, creating personal journeys and doing it at the pace that best suits them.


Besides a pleasing visual interface for info-collections that resembles somewhat Pearltrees' own, the key characteristics of Curatr that one notices, is the fact that info-objects are apparently unlabelled and therefore meaningless unless one actively goes to explore them. That allows for the learner to gradually "expose" the parts of a curated collection that he/she has visited, painting a fuller picture as she progresses through it.


Curatr also integrates multi-level assignment of info-objects (so that you can't see info-objects at level 2 if you have not checked out all of those at level1) and "rewards" such as badges which can be assigned to learners who have achieved specific scores.


Information objects can also be "curated" into Guides (storified sequences) which can further help the delivery of certain materials.

Curatr offers a free service plan for anyone, and a higher grade one allowing personal uploads for up to 2Gb of content to qualifying "Teachers". The "Enterprise" plan for institutions and companies starts at £149 (UK).


An iPhone-iPad version is also available.

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Curatr for iPhone  iPad: (on Android you can use the native app)


(Reviewed by Robin Good)

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