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Innovations in e-Learning
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What's In and What's Out in Education

What's In and What's Out in Education | Innovations in e-Learning |

I really like what's in and what's out of current trends.  I created the following chart of what I hope and wish would be education ins and outs in the NEAR future.

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Odile Dupont's curator insight, May 6, 3:19 AM

Des idées évidentes mais sans doute pas encore pour tout le monde !

ExamTime's curator insight, May 6, 4:42 AM

I think learners producing content rather than simply consuming is an important point to keep in mind. This idea is the basis of why ExamTime, the elearning web-app I work on, was created. With ExamTime, students create their own Mind Maps, Flashcards and other learning aids to improve their understanding of theory and overall learning. 

Ivon Prefontaine's curator insight, May 6, 12:55 PM

Relationships are at the centre of education. It is no longer teacher-centred or learner-centred. In a sense, teachers and students are learning alongside each other. I am not sure it will always be the teacher leading the way although they have to be willing to know when to let go and when to take charge. Content is still incredibly important in that unless it connects to the lives of teachers and students it is not practical and meaningful. Technology is rarely seamlessly integrated.

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Apple blocks Java on Macs due to vulnerabilities

Apple blocks Java on Macs due to vulnerabilities | Innovations in e-Learning |
NEW YORK (AP) — Some Mac users were taken by surprise Thursday as their computers stopped running programs written using the Java programming language after Apple blocked Java due to security problems.

Via Gust MEES