Social Learning is NOT …• a new training trend• bolting “social” onto a course• upgrading to a new LMS It is a fundamental shift in the way people are learning in the workplace

The future is …. • valuing informal and social learning • integrating learning in the workflow.

The future is …. • recognising YOU can’t create everything your people need • tapping into the growing phenomenon of sharing • enabling the infrastructure for sharing • letting groups organise their own content

The future is …. • helping individuals build their own Personal Knowledge / Learning Networks (PKNs or PLNs) • Helping groups set up and maintain their own communities of practice, etc

The future is …. • helping individuals with their Personal Knowledge Management (PKM), e.g. helping them deal with information overload • encouraging others to curate content to share with their teams

The future is …. • encouraging the use of personal devices • providing workflow audits • offering a performance consulting approach to business/job problems

The future is …. • letting go! • understanding learning is not the end goal, but the means to an end - the end is performance • keeping out of the way of self-reliant learners • helping others become more self-reliant

The future is .. • measuring success differently • moving from quantity to quality • “quantity is an antiquated way of measuring success” • defining performance objectives and measuring how well individuals meet their objectives • moving from LMS to social and collaboration tools/ platforms