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New Education White Papers from Converge

New Education White Papers from Converge | Innovations in e-Learning |

* Center for Digital Education’s Converge Yearbook: Technology Innovation in Education- highlights both the top technology trends in education and 50 of the innovators


* Desktop Virtualization: Enabling mobility in education- helps K-12 meet the demands of 21st-century learning.-how desktop virtualization is  a popular solution to mobility challenges


* High-performance networks for next-generation education environments- discusses benefits schools from upgrading networks


* Video for the 21st Century: Enriching Core Courses and Improving Student Engagement with Digital Video Production


* Wireless in a K-12 Environment: Moving ahead with technology-benefits wireless environments are bringing to K-12 campuses and why these campuses are turning to wireless to enhance the educational experience.

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Innovations in e-Learning
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Textbook Companies Are Now Teaching College Classes

Textbook Companies Are Now Teaching College Classes | Innovations in e-Learning |
This summer, Chad Mason signed up for online general psychology at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. This spring, Jonathan Serrano took intro to psychology online at Essex County College in Newark, New Jersey. Though the two undergraduates were separated by more than 600 miles, enrolled in different institutions,...
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They want our jobs..and if we don't create great uniques online experiences that are not just "plug and play" they will have them.