NeVC2011 with Howard Rheingold, Clay Shirky, Robin Good, Steven Rosenbaum on: How Social Media, Curation and Infotention Will Transform Your Future | Innovations in e-Learning |

I am honored to announce that starting next Monday October 17th, the National eXtension Virtual Conference will launch online showcasing a series of presentations plus open discussion from Howard Rheingold, Clay Shirky, Robin Good, Steven Rosenbaum and yours truly. 

The official topics of this three-day event have not yet been officially announced but they all circle around the topics of the future of communication, curation, search, and the new infotention skills. 

There is no registration required to attend the event, and the format foresees presentation slots from each speaker, followed by 90 minutes discussions with moderators and the audience.

The event will go live at this url:

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