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Pedagogical roles for audio in online learning

Pedagogical roles for audio in online learning | Innovations in e-Learning |

"First, some advantages:

* it’s much easier to make an audio clip or podcast than a video clip or a simulation

* it requires far less bandwidth than video or simulations, hence downloads quicker and can be used over relatively low bandwidths

* it is easily combined with other media such as text, mathematical symbols, and graphics, allowing more than one sense to be used and allowing for ‘integration’. For examples of what I mean take a look at the UK Open University’s OpenLearn site at:

* some students prefer to learn by listening compared with reading;audio combined with text can help develop literacy skills or support students with low levels of literacy;

* audio provides variety and another perspective from text, a ‘break’ in learning that refreshes the learner and maintains interest

* Nicola Durbridge, in her research at the Open University, found that audio increased distance students’ feelings of personal ‘closeness’ with the instructor compared with video or text, i.e. it is a more intimate medium......"

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Teaching Crowds -Learning and Social Media -Dron and Anderson- free PDF of book

"In the new book Teaching Crowds: Learning and Social Media, co-author Dr. Jon Dron makes the case for an online learning model that places a high value on social media and the connections that technology helps to create. But if you ask him about the role of technology in his own life, his response isn’t what you’d expect to hear from a technology enthusiast..."