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The author believes his suggested "approach has a balanced time horizon – fill manufacturing jobs now and do the long term work to create millions of manufacturing jobs in the future."

...Our time horizon is limited to the presidential election cycle – four years, but the manufacturing rebirth will take decades....who has a long time horizon and money?

The DoD has both.  ...Before you call me a war hawk, this is simply a marriage of convenience. ...there is no better option.

The DoD should pull together their biggest contractors (industry) and decree that the stuff they buy will have radically reduced cost signatures and teach them and their sub-tier folks how to get it done.

No cost reduction, no contract.

The DoD should reduce material cost, assembly time, supply chain complexity, and time to market and demand the suppliers. Then, demand they demonstrate the learning by designing the next generation stuff.

...the new technologies will spill into non-DoD world (broad industry application) and create new generation products and a sea of manufacturing jobs.