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Gotta love big company disruptors using positive weapons of creativity, not the Borg, Klingons types, heh.

This is a great series of posts on  risk takers and creativity in institutions.  For example:

When Maryam Banikarim was a marketing SVP at NBC Universal, she helped organize a day to celebrate the merger with Comcast.

"[My bosses] were like, 'We need a gift for employees." But I didn't want to give a meaningless tchotchke.

So I came up with a purpose line--that NBC Universal is in the idea business--and a new gift to match it."

All 30,000 employees got Moleskine notebooks that had sketches of great ideas:

  • the back of a napkin note that became SNL, 
  • the cable transponder that became Comcast's business. 

The letter attached said, 'All great ideas were created by somebody,' and encouraged employees to submit their own.

"People told me the project wouldn't get approved, that it was way too esoteric. But it was a huge hit."