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How can change leaders support high performance, innovative teams? The infographic below cites 10 innovation strategies.  This is close.  There will be more of these process charts and innovation graphics.  

This one features:

Step 2:  Working at the organization's edges, the fringe & close to customers I've heard Dr. Jeff DeGraff talk about fringe teams this year at the Michigan Ross School of Business.

Step 3:  Culture that  supports experimentation, failure.  This is ubiquitous in mention, scarce in after-the-fact reporting.  Better known examples, 3M (Post-Its) and Google (Google Lab: Buzz, Wave, etc.)

Step 6: Customer immersion, pain points

Step 10:  Metrics, measures


Sources include:  Christensen & Raynor, The Innovator's Solution: Creating & Sustaining Successful Growth, 2003  

Note the continuous improvement language, adjusted slightly, a 'la W. Edwards Deming:  Ready, Aim, Fire, Adjust.  Like Plan, Do, Check, Act.

Via Jonha Richman, Deb Nystrom, REVELN