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"Björk and Tina Brown have many differences but one common problem: They are watching the boat beneath them sink. Innovation is a strong option out of a death spiral."

The helpful piece by Mr. McCracken mirrors the blend of the real and virtual as Bob Johansen, futurist, covered so well in the middle keynote of the ACMP 2012 conference I attended in Las Vegas this past week.  (The Association of Change Management Professionals.)

Seeing babies interact with the iPad, then attempt to interact with magazines in the same way (it's broken), was one of the most compelling of Johansen's keynote elements and points about the real digital natives (less than 16 years of age.)  

  • I want to try the same experiment with babies near me, and expect the same result.

Bob Johansen's book is a compelling read, on the iPad it will be, for me.  Bob spoke on the topic:  Leaders Make the Future: Ten New Leadership Skills for an Uncertain Age

Excerpted from Grant McCracken's post today:

Björk and Tina Brown have many differences but one common problem: They are watching the boat beneath them sink. Their print and music industries are being disintermediated by the digital revolution. They are struggling to respond to the blue-ocean and white-space and black-swan disruption that besets us all.

Brown and Björk had enough altitude to glide to career's end.  [Their] experiments may not save them (or us). But they've given us cultural innovations of some interest. And daring.

Björk's Biophilia isn't just an album. It's an app. We open it to discover a jewel-like universe, a 3D model of galaxies in space. As we spin these, we discover hot spots. And when we investigate them, music begins to play. The music of the spheres has come unto the iPad.

Björk and Brown are forcing their way out of old models into promising new ground. 

Harvard Business Review blog author: Grant McCracken is a research affiliate at MIT and the author of Chief Culture Officer. His most recent book, Culturematic, is forthcoming this May from Harvard Business Review Press.

Photo credit: Bjork, by Vivi Gondek via Flickr