40 Pieces of Inspiration For Entrepreneurs | Under30CEO | Innovation & Institutions, Will it Blend? | Scoop.it
Here are forty tips designed to help entrepreneurs, business leaders, mavericks and aspiring innovators accelerate our collective and individual pursuits towards inspiration.




1. Honestly evaluate your professional and social circle of friends. Are they inspiring? Do they truly stretch your imagine of what is possible in this lifetime? I  ...Identify and build an inspiring new circle. You cannot choose your family, but you can select the people whom you spend time and associate with.


Ask yourself, do your companions consume or catalyze change?


3. Remove physical, emotional, mental and spiritual clutter from your life.  ...It is useless hanging on. Today is a new day.


5. Stop trying to find yourself and start creating yourself. ...What will be your ultimate legacy and contribution to the world? Become and evolve into your vision.


7. Forget and ignore your past academic and professional accomplishments  ...and designation. In a battlefield, the stripes you have earned are irrelevant to your ultimate goal of crossing the line and securing an inspired life.


Image:  by AlicePopkorn, Flickr