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Many innovations come from a deeper level of customer and market understanding. They go beyond what current customers say they need. They solve problems that customers either don't realize they have or didn’t know could be solved.

Many new (or extended) products and services come from empathic innovation. These are innovations that flow from a deep empathy and understanding of the intended customers’ problems and aspirations.

Innovation Pathways include:

* Make sure the “voice of the market” pervades every part of your organization. Bring customers into your company offices and plants for visits, joint problem solving and planning sessions, celebrations, focus groups, conferences, barbecues, presentations, and the like. 

* Don’t allow any managers or staff (such as accountants, marketers, or human resource staff) to participate in decisions unless they’re spending a minimum of 25% of their time with current or prospective customers and partners in the market.

* Make your senior managers responsible for some business development and ongoing customer service. They should be spending 25 – 35 percent or more of their time with customers (the same amount of time should also be spent with external and internal partners).

* Identify your leading-edge external customers and partners and bring them into your product and service development processes.