Can you Disrupt Your Own Culture Structure? | Four Key Innovation Contradictions | Innovation & Institutions, Will it Blend? |

Innovation is fraught with contradictions.  Is there room for innovation's natural contradictions in your organization culture?  

A handy indicator is looking at your organization's people policies (HR) as a quick capacity test. 

Four Key Innovation Contradictions excerpted, Innovation Excellence:

1) Innovation requires a business to embrace processes and methods that are far different from the efficient, effective processes that sustain short term profitability. Innovation creates new, risky, uncertain concepts that will pay off in quarters if not years.

2) While executives want innovation, they don’t want the disruption or investment strain required which creates dissonance in the teams that are actively trying to do interesting innovation work, and leads to confusion and then cynicism.

3) Transparency, visibility and commitment are key. Doing innovation work is tough, and doing it without the full support of the senior team, constantly demonstrated, means that many innovators have far fewer resources than they need.

4) The contradiction between what we TELL people to do and what we PAY people to do when we do nothing [or too little] to change how these individuals are evaluated, compensated and rewarded.