Talent is irrelevant ? (and so 1971 ) What makes for a talented group and innovative result? | Innovation & Institutions, Will it Blend? | Scoop.it

At least, the author admits, talent is less relevant TODAY in this blog post:

  • Less work is being done by individuals and more work is being done by groups. 
  • Nobel prizes are increasingly awarded to multiple individuals, research papers increasingly cite numerous individuals
  • Inside our organizations more projects and objectives are anchored to groups of people. 

Individual ability / competence / talent are one variable among many in the equation. Putting a group of talented individuals at a table together does not make a talented group.

Relational skills, communication skills, empathy, flexibility…all of these are part of the equation as well.  And so is diversity.

Very likely our three most wasted assets inside the organization are knowledge, perspectives and heuristics…the stuff inside a persons brain, the mash up of their identity and experience.

When you bring a group together to do serious work, the bigger your aggregate collection of knowledge, perspectives and heuristics is, the more likely you are to have access to the tools necessary to generate an optimal result and the less likely you are to be limited and compromised by shared blind spots.