SOLIDARIA - Platform, Marketplace & Seed of a Network of Cooperatives | Innovation experts' insights |
Realizing, merging, funding, organizing & expanding the global commons – knowledge, culture, means of production and land property.

Solidaria will open up a space where all our activity is aimed towards extending the commons – open knowledge and freeculture as well as the material commons like housing, property and means of production!

It enables you to work in cooperatives of the commons based peer-to-peer economy, no matter if you’re working in the knowledge economy or in a classical field. And it enables you to work for the commons even in projects that normally wouldn’t be economically viable – and still make a living off it! The decision which project you want to work on does not depend on the question if it is convertible into something commercial – all that matters is that you are contributing to the commons.

Via jean lievens