Open Educational Practice -Are communities helpful environments for changing professional practice? | Innovation Engineering |

One set of key findings was around the role of communities in the release of Open Educational Resources (OER).  How professional practice is transformed to support activities underpinning the release of OER, sometimes called open educational practice (OEP), is not well understood. Communities of practice provide a positive environment for changing professional practice.


Examples of communities are subject discipline communities or communities within an institution. Each community will have members with different roles (for example academics, support staff, learners), regulated by specific rules. These sorts of communities are important if the benefits of a culture of open resources, open knowledge, free sharing and peer collaboration in education are to be realised.


The UKOER programme provided a context to explore these tensions and highlight the benefits and limitations of communities in transforming professional practice.


Via Ana Cristina Pratas, Gust MEES