Immersive Presentations: Get Your Live Video Inside Your Slides with Personify Live | Create, Innovate & Evaluate in Higher Education |

Puts you right in front of your content, like you're really there!

Robin Good: Personify Live is a new type of Windows app which allows you to integrate in your live webcast, online event or webconference your real-time video image overlayed on the slide content you are showcasing.


To achieve this result, Personify Live extends the capabilities of your favorite web conferencing solution (GoToMeeting, GoTowebinar, WebEx, Adobe Connect, Skype, Lync, etc.) "by extracting you from your surroundings and placing you within the presentation".


"The technology creates a virtual green screen feel for the presenter, for a communication experience that attempts to come as close to being physically present in front of the audience as possible.

[Personify Live] extracts live video of the presenter to then superimpose it onto the desktop to create a layer on top of a presentation.

There’s also a complementary iPhone or Android app that acts as a remote control, letting presenters mute the video feed of themselves with a click of a button, and interact with the content to emphasize and engage their audience.






Via Robin Good