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Tracés, Année 142, nº 23-24 (2016)

Tracés, Année 142, nº 23-24 (2016) | Ingeniería Civil |
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Photo: Série Os et béton, Titre original Serie Hueso y hormigón, Keke Vilabelda (Valencia 1986)
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Spéculation #2: le cas suisse Déuxieme volet du dossier paru en février 2016

6 – Spéculation et investissement immobilier
Philippe Thalmann, propos recueillis par Isabel Concheiro

12 – Les multiples valeurs de l’immobilier en Suisse
Nelson M. Vera Büchel, Thierry Theurillat et Oliveir Crevoisier

19 – Les grands ensembles résidentiels et le boom de la construction des années 1960 et 1970
Eveline Altahaus et Marie Glaser

24 – Investissements immobiliers et développeement urbain: l’exemple zurichois
Angelus Eisinger, propos recueillis par Isabel Concheiro

5 – Éditorial

28 – Actualités

30 – Livres

32 – Ici est ailleurs

33 – Pages SIA

36 – Concours

38 – Agenda

40 – Nouveaux produits

45 – Offres d’emploi

46 – Statler et Waldorf
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Water Environment Research, Vol. 88, nº 11 (2016)

Water Environment Research, Vol. 88, nº 11 (2016) | Ingeniería Civil |
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Minimizing Energy Use and GHG Emissions of Lift Stations Utilizing Real-Time Pump Control Strategies, pp. 1973-1984 Authors: Badruzzaman, Mohammad; Crane, Travis; Hollifield, Darren; Wilcoxson, David; Jacangelo, Joseph G.

Open Access Integrative Advanced Oxidation and Biofiltration for Treating Pharmaceuticals in Wastewater, pp. 1985-1993
Authors: Lester, Yaal; Aga, Diana S.; Love, Nancy G.; Singh, Randolph R.; Morrissey, Ian; Linden, Karl G.

Investigation on the Effect of Poly(butylmethacrylate)/attapulgite Nanocomposites for Oil Absorption, pp. 1994-2000
Authors: Wang, Jintao; Wang, Aiqin

Enhanced Photocatalytic Activity of Ag Doped ZnO Nanorods for Degradation of an Azo Dye, pp. 2001-2007
Authors: Shokri, Mohammad; Isapour, Ghodsieh; Hosseini, Mir Ghasem; Zarbpoor, Qamar

Destabilization and Treatment of Emulsified Oils in Wastewaters by Electrocoagulation, pp. 2008-2014
Authors: Genc, Ayten; Bakirci, Busra

Nanoporous Copper Doped Aluminium Pillared Montmorillonite for Dye-containing Wastewater Treatment, pp. 2015-2022 Authors: Tepmatee, Pratyaporn; Siriphannon, Punnama

Data-driven Nutrient-landscape Relationships across Regions and Scales, pp. 2023-2031
Authors: Juston, John; Lyon, Steve W.; Destouni, Georgia

Pretreatment of Wastewater from Licorice Processing—A Preliminary Evaluation, pp. 2032-2039
Authors: Ramaswami, Sreenivasan; Behrendt, Joachim; Gulyas, Holger; Otterpohl, Ralf

Control of Attachment of Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Burkholderia cepacia to Surfaces by Shear Force, pp. 2040-2046 Authors: Hui, Yew Woh; Narayanan, Kumaran; Dykes, Gary A.


Advanced Oxidation Processes: Process Mechanisms, Affecting Parameters and Landfill Leachate Treatment, pp. 2047-2058 Authors: Kow, Su-Huan; Fahmi, Muhammad Ridwan; Abidin, Che Zulzikrami Azner; Soon-An, Ong


Density, Salinity, and Entry Depths of Municipal Wastewater in an Urban Lake, pp. 2059-2069
Authors: Matthews, David A.; O'Donnell, Susan M.; Effler, Steven W.; Owens, Emmet M.; Hurteau, Craig A.; Prestigiacomo, Anthony R.

Anaerobic Codigestion of Grass and Sewage Sludge: Laboratory Experiments and Feasibility Analysis, pp. 2070-2081
Authors: Hidaka, Taira; Wang, Feng; Sakurai, Kensuke; Tsumori, Jun; Minamiyama, Mizuhiko

Investigations into Improving Dewaterability at a Bio-P/Anaerobic Digestion Plant, pp. 2082-2093
Authors: Alm, Rebecca; Sealock, Adam W.; Nollet, Yabing; Sprouse, George

Upflow Anaerobic Sludge Blanket Reactor Codigestion of Algae and Acetate to Produce Methane, pp. 2094-2103
Authors: Soboh, Yousef M.; Sorensen, Darwin L.; Sims, Ronald C.

The Effect of Solids Residence Time on Chemical Phosphorus Removal in Low Concentration Applications, pp. 2104-2110 Authors: Conidi, Daniela; Parker, Wayne J. Cr(VI)

Adsorption to Magnetic Iron Oxide Nanoparticle-Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotube Adsorbents, pp. 2111-2120
Authors: Lee, Chang-Gu; Kim, Song-Bae

Reduction of non-Betalactam Antibiotics COD by Combined Coagulation and Advanced Oxidation Processes, pp. 2121-2131 Authors: Yazdanbakhsh, Ahmad Reza; Mohammadi, Amir Sheikh; Alinejad, Abdol Azim; Hassani, Ghasem; Golmohammadi, Sohrab; Mohseni, Seyed Mohsen; Sardar, Mahdieh; Sarsangi, Vali

Insights on Flow Behavior of Foam in Unsaturated Porous Media during Soil Flushing, pp. 2132-2141
Authors: Zhao, Yong S.; Su, Yan; Lian, Jing R.; Wang, He F.; Li, Lu L.; Qin, Chuan Y.

Spatial and Temporal Variations in Pollution Indicator Bacteria in the Lower Vaal River, South Africa, pp. 2142-2149
Authors: Chidamba, Lizyben; Cilliers, Elrina; Bezuidenhout,
Cornelius Carlos

Enhancement of Cr(VI) Ion Removal Using Nanochitosan Coated on Bituminous Activated Carbon, pp. 2150-2158
Authors: Chooaksorn, Wanida; Nitisoravut, Rachnarin; Polprasert, Chongrak; Babel, Sandhya; Laohhasurayotin, Kritapas; Kangwansupamonkon, Wiyong

Biodegradability of Nonionic Surfactant Used in the Remediation of Groundwaters Polluted with PCE, pp. 2159-2168
Authors: Bretón-Deval, Luz; Rios-Leal, Elvira; Poggi-Varaldo, Héctor M.; Ponce-Noyola, Teresa

Acidogenesis and Two-Phase Codigestion of Fats, Oils, and Greases and Municipal Biosolids, pp. 2169-2176
Authors: Varin, Ross; Novak, John; Bott, Charles
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Geotechnique, Vol. LXVI, nº 11 (2016)

Geotechnique, Vol. LXVI, nº 11 (2016) | Ingeniería Civil |
Disponible en la Biblioteca en formato papel: y como recurso electrónico accesible en la red de la UPM y a través de VPN:
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Creep failure of natural gravelly soil and its simulation, pp. 865–877
T. Enomoto, J. Koseki, F. Tatsuoka, T. Sato
Keywords: creep, gravels, laboratory tests, numerical modelling, stiffness, time dependence

Mechanical behaviour of a small-scale energy pile in saturated clay, pp. 878–887
N. Yavari, A. M. Tang, J. M. Pereira, G. Hassen
Keywords: model tests, soil/structure interaction, temperature effects

Experimental approach on the pile-to-pile interaction factors and impedance functions of inclined piles, pp. 888–901
C. S. Goit, M. Saitoh
Keywords: earthquakes, footings/foundations, model tests, piles & piling, soil/structure interaction

The critical state of granular media: convergence, stationarity and disorder, pp. 902–909
M. R. Kuhn Keywords: constitutive relations, fabric/structure of soils, particle-scale behaviour, statistical analysis

A macroelement framework for shallow foundations including changes in configuration, pp. 910–926
F. Pisanò, L. Flessati, C. Di Prisco
Keywords: bearing capacity, footings/foundations, numerical modelling, plasticity, settlement, soil/structure interaction

Canopy effect caused by vapour transfer in covered freezing soils, pp. 927–940
S. Zhang, J. Teng, Z. He, Y. Liu, S. Liang, Y. Yao, D. Sheng Keywords: ground freezing, laboratory tests, numerical modelling, water flow

Evaluating the shear strength of a natural heterogeneous soil using reconstituted mixtures, pp. 941–946
P. Ruggeri, D. Segato, V. M. E. Fruzzetti, G. Scarpelli
Keywords: clays, laboratory tests, shear strength

Numerical investigation of penetration of a large-diameter footing into normally consolidated kaolin clay with a consolidation phase, pp. 947–952
D. Wang, B. Bienen
Keywords: bearing capacity, clays, consolidation, finite-element modelling, footings/foundations, offshore engineering

Enhancing soil sample preparation by thermal cycling, pp. 953–958
S. Nadimi, J. Fonseca
Keywords: fabric/structure of soils, sands, temperature effects
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Ciudad y Territorio. Estudios Territoriales, Vol. XLIII, nº 190 (2016)

Ciudad y Territorio. Estudios Territoriales, Vol. XLIII, nº 190 (2016) | Ingeniería Civil |
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557 - 25 años de trabajo y compromiso con CyTET

559 - Presentación:


563 - Nuevos debates sobre escalas en política de aguas: Estado, cuencas hidrográficas y comunidades autónomas en España Leandro DEL MORAL ITUARTE & Nuria HERNÁNDEZ-MORA ZAPATA

585 - Las experiencias ítalo-hispánicas sobre el ideal urbano-social borbónico en la Ilustración

595 - Efectos del planeamiento municipal en la protección de la Red Natura 2000: Andalucía, Castilla-La Mancha, Extremadura y Madrid

609 - Las estrategias de rehabilitación en los planes de vivienda: Comunidad Valenciana 1986-2015

629 - Tres propuestas, tres teorías urbanas: Barrio Miraflores (Zaragoza)

643 - Iniciativas de patrimonialización de conjuntos de vivienda social en Europa

655 - Varsovia, de la sintonía territorial a la vivienda social

675 - Propuesta metodológica para estudiar el paisaje urbano: aplicación de caso en Temuco, Chile


Observatorio Inmobiliario

701 - Mercado de vivienda: persiste la recuperación, se modera el ritmo


717 - Jardín de la memoria en Vinaroz, Castellón
Camilla MILETO & Fernando VEGAS

725 - El panteón de la familia Soriano Manzanet en Vila-real (Castellón) Camilla MILETO & Fernando VEGAS

733 - Ordenación y ejecución de Manzana de Equipamiento Social para Jóvenes, Ogíjares, Granada


743 - Crónica Jurídica Omar BOUAZZA ARIÑO

748 - Normativa estatal y autonómica Francisca PICAZO

753 - Planeamiento urbanístico Libros y Revistas

765 - Recensiones y reseñas de libros recibidos

769 - Acuse de recibo

771 - Índices de CIUDAD Y TERRITORIO Estudios Territoriales. Vol. XLVIII, año 2016, cuarta época, números 187-190
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PCI Journal, Vol. 61, nº 6 (2016)

PCI Journal, Vol. 61, nº 6 (2016) | Ingeniería Civil |
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5 - Chairman's Message. Innovation propels Market

7 - President's Message. Be the new Precast Concrete Innovator

9 - From PCI Headquarters

21 – PCI Calendar

23 - Our Members

26 - In the News

27 – Industry Calendar

28 - Project Spotlight

28 – Sound-absorptive Precast Concrete meets Aesthetic Needs of Virgia Noise Barriers

29 – Precast Concrete Wharf Deck expedites Construction in Large Port Projects

30 - Reinforced geopolymer cement concrete in flexure: A closer look at stress-strain performance and equivalent stress-block parameters

44 - Examination of the effective coefficient of friction for shear friction design

68 - Implementing nonproprietary, ultra-high-performance concrete in a precasting plant

81 - Discussion

83 - Coming Ahead

88 - Meet James Switzer
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ACI Materials Journal, vol. 113, nº 5 (2016)

ACI Materials Journal, vol. 113, nº 5 (2016) | Ingeniería Civil |
Disponible en la Biblioteca en formato papel: y como recurso electrónico accesible en la red de la UPM y a través de VPN:
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Meetings, p. 546.

Effect of Microstructure Variation on Damage Evolution of Concrete at High Temperatures, p. 547-558.
Huo, Jingsi; Jin, Bao; Yu, Qi; He, Yuanming; Liu, Yanzhi

Developing Ultra-High-Performance Fiber-Reinforced Concrete for Large-Scale Structural Applications, p.559-570.
Aghdasi, Parham; Heid, Ashley E; Chao, Shih-Ho Phase

Evolution of Oil Well Cements with Nano-Additive at Elevated Temperature/Pressure, p. 571-578.
Ma, Siwei; Yu, Tony; Wang, Yanbin; Chaouche, Mohend; Kawashima, Shiho

Accelerated Rusting of Reinforcing Bars: The Role of Manganese Alloying in Concrete Reinforcement Steel Bars, p. 579-588. Hussain, R Rizwan; Alhozaimy, A; Negheimish, A Al; Singh, J K; Singh, D D N.

Optimization of Concrete Mixture Design and Cover Thickness for Reinforced Concrete Members under Chloride Exposure, p. 589-598.
Alghamdi, Saeid A; Ahmad, Shamsad; Lawan, Adamu

Combined Use of Natural and Artificial Slag Aggregates in Producing Self-Consolidating Concrete, p. 599-608.
Öz, Hatice Öznur; Gesoglu, Mehmet; Güneyisi, Erhan; Mahmood, Swara Fuad.

Study of Hydration Process of Cement Paste with Chemical Mapping, p. 609-619

Liu, Fengjuan; Sun, Zhihui Tests and Criteria for Concrete Resistant to Chloride Ion Penetration, p. 621-631.

Obla, Karthik H; Lobo, Colin L; Kim, Haejin Mechanical Properties of Corrosion-Free and Sustainable Amorphous Metallic Fiber-Reinforced Concrete, p. 633-643.
Yoo, Doo-Yeol; Banthia, Nemkumar; Yang, Jun-Mo; Yoon, Young-Soo

Anchor Displacement Behavior during Simultaneous Load and Crack Cycling, p. 645-652.

Mahrenholtz, Philipp; Eligehausen, Rolf Mechanical Performance of Concrete with Waste from Oil Industry, p. 653-659.
Castellanos, Nancy Torres; Agredo, Janneth Torres; de Gutiérrez, Ruby Mejía.

Laboratory Investigation of Self-Consolidating Waste Tire Rubberized Concrete, p. 661-668.

Gargouri, Ahmed; Daoud, Atef; Loulizi, Amara; Kallel, Abderrazek. Strength and Durability of Composite Concretes with Municipal Wastes, p. 669-678.
Tokgoz, D Deniz Genc; Ozerkan, N Gozde; Kowita, O Samir; Antony, S Joseph.

Transport and Durability Properties of Self-Consolidating Concrete Using Three Types of Lightweight Aggregates, p. 679-690.
Lotfy, Abdurrahmaan; Hossain, Khandaker M A; Lachemi, Mohamed.

Validation of Modified B3 Model to Predict Early-Age Stress Development of Concrete, p. 691-700.
Byard, Benjamin E; Schindler, Anton K; Riding, Kyle A; Folliard, Kevin J.
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International Water Power & Dam Construction, Vol. 68, nº 10 (2016)

International Water Power & Dam Construction, Vol. 68, nº 10 (2016) | Ingeniería Civil |
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Cover: Gibe III hydroelectric project in Ethiopia.
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4 - World News


8 - Making collaboration work. Detailing the latest research on cross-border collaboration in hydropower Construction

12 - A large undertaking. Update on construction work being carried out or recently completed at selected large dam projects.

18 - Building value. Salini Impregilo shares its experience of dam construction projects worldwide, including the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam and Ingula pumped storage project. Pumped storage

22 - Pumped up power. Refurbishment plans for existing pumped storage plants, together with news from projects in the development and construction stage in Europe and the US.

Show preview

28 - Focus on flexible operation. Looking towards the 19th Intemational Seminar on Hydropower Plants.

Fish passage

30 - Fish passes and their impact on river flow measurements. Work has been undertaken to determine the potential impact of fish passage structures on river flow.

32 - Improvements planned for Spey Dam. What plans are underway to improve fish passage at Spey dam in Scotland? Sustainability

34 Hydropower vision. The societal, environmental and economic benefits of sustainable hydropower development have been highlighted in a recent report by the US Department of Energy.

Project development

37 Full steam ahead for Manolo Fortich project. With construction now over halfway complete, the Manolo Fortich project m the Philippines is on track to generate an additional 68.8MW of hydropower to the Mindanao grid.
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Carreteras, nº 209 (2016)

Carreteras, nº 209 (2016) | Ingeniería Civil |
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4 - La inseguridad vial, un problema -también- urbano


6 - CONASET: planteamientos de mejora de la seguridad vial en Chile
Gabriela Rosende

Artículos técnicos

12- Políticas para usuarios vulnerables de los sistemas viales en México
María Guadalupe Saucedo Rojas / Nadia Gómez González / Alberto Mendoza Díaz

24 - El papel de las Asociaciones de Víctimas en la promoción de buenas prácticas para usuarios vulnerables
Jeanne Picard Mahaut / Alejandra Cucien / Lucila de la Serna / Alba Sáenz / Mónica Lafitte / Ramón Pendones / Fundación Gonzalo Rodríguez

35 - Movilidad segura: experiencias del transporte no motorizado en Latinoamérica
Dalve Soria / Eduardo Gafé / Marisela Ponce de León / Manuel Rodríguez Porcel

43 - Hacia una ciudad para las personas, reduciendo las brechas para usuarios vulnerables en Perú
Alfonso FIórez Mazzini

54 - Ciudad de México rumbo a la Visión Cero Accidentes
Laura Ballesteros Mancilla / Erika Kulpa Verdín

60 - Carreteras autoexplicativas: mejorando la seguridad vial de los usuarios más vulnerables
David Gota Mascuñana / Andrea Bugallo Iglesias / Pedro Tomás Martínez tribuna

67 - No debemos esperar más
Marta Rodrigo Pérez

69 - área de servicio

82 - guía profesional de empresas colaboradoras
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Vía Libre, Año LIII, nº 612 (2016)

Vía Libre, Año LIII, nº 612 (2016) | Ingeniería Civil |
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Lecciones de la apertura a la competencia

Tendencias de Viaje y Transporte


En Portada

Primeros resultados de la libre competencia en el mercado de viajeros europeo-Trenes y servicios

Infraestructuras Tecnología innovadora de desvíos para alta velocidad

Infraestructuras Plan de Accesibilidad Terrestre Portuaria Internacional Talgo silueta de modernidad en Uzbekistán

Material Rodante Un Coradia de Alstom impulsado por pila de combustible

Tecnología Energía eólica en los túneles de Metro de Madrid

Dossier Constructoras españolas en el exterior


Historia Tres «cruces» ferroviarios: unos pasos a nivel sui generis

Álbum histórico El vestíbulo de la estación de Pacífico de Metro de Madrid

A todo tren

Libros: Trenes de libros y Ferrocarril de Tudela a Bilbao. 1863-2013

Piezas de Museo

Novedades en el Museo del Ferrocarril de Madrid

Artes Series que viajan en tren (II) 

Mi cámara
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ACI Structural Journal, Vol. 113, nº 5 (2016)

ACI Structural Journal, Vol. 113, nº 5 (2016) | Ingeniería Civil |
Disponible en la Biblioteca en formato papel: y como recurso electrónico accesible en la red de la UPM y a través de VPN:
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Damage Effect on Concrete Columns Confined with Carbon Composites
Pedro Faustino and Carlos Chastre

Influence of High-Strength Bars on Shear Response of Containment Walls
Giorgio T. Proestos, Gwang-Min Bae, Jae-Yeol Cho, Evan C. Bentz, and Michael P. Collins

Dynamic Strength Properties of Concrete and Reinforcing Steel Subject to Extreme Loads
Seongwon Hong and Thomas H.-K. Kang

Seismic Column-to-Footing Connections Using Grouted Splice Sleeves
M. J. Ameli, Dylan N. Brown, Joel E. Parks, and Chris P. Pantelides

Earthquake-Resistant Squat Walls Reinforced with High- Strength Steel
Min-Yuan Cheng, Shih-Ching Hung, Rémy D. Lequesne, and Andrés Lepage

Fatigue Strength of Reinforced Concrete Beams without Links under Shear Loads Guenter
Axel Rombach and Matthias Kohl

Modeling Steel Concrete Bond Strength Reduction Due to Corrosion
Arnaud Castel, Inamullah Khan, Raoul François, and Raymond Ian Gilbert

Unified Approach for Minimum Reinforcement of Concrete Beams
Alessandro P. Fantilli, Bernardino Chiaia, and Andrea Gorino

Flexural Behavior of External Beam-Column Reinforced Concrete Assemblages Externally Strengthened with Steel Cages
Giuseppe Campione, Liborio Cavaleri, and Andrea Failla

Effect of Reinforcement Grade and Ratio on Seismic Performance of Reinforced Concrete Columns
David Trejo, Timothy B. Link, and André R. Barbosa

Development of Precast Bridge Slabs in High-Performance Fiber-Reinforced Concrete and Ultra-High-Performance Fiber-Reinforced Concrete
Frédéric Lachance, Jean-Philippe Charron, and Bruno Massicotte

Strength and Serviceability Performance of Self-Consolidating Concrete Bridge Girders
David B. Garber, José M. Gallardo, Dean J. Deschenes, and Oguzhan Bayrak

Behavior of Post-Installed Anchors Tested by Stepwise Increasing Cyclic Load Protocols
Philipp Mahrenholtz, Rolf Eligehausen, Tara C. Hutchinson, and Matthew S. Hoehler

Cyclic Testing and Assessment of Columns Containing Recycled Concrete Debris
F. Soleimani, M. McKay, C. S. W. Yang, K. E. Kurtis, R. DesRoches, and L. F. Kahn

Behavior of Reinforced Concrete Cylindrical Shells Subjected to External Hydrostatic Water Pressure
Amr I. I. Helmy and Michael P. Collins

Strength Reduction Factors for Fiber-Reinforced Polymer- Prestressed Concrete Bridges in Flexure

Yail J. Kim and Raymon W. Nickle

Seismic Behavior of Reinforced Concrete Columns with Corroded Deformed Reinforcing Bars
Caglar Goksu and Alper Ilki

Behavior of Reinforced Concrete Panels Strengthened with Carbon Fiber-Reinforced Polymers
Changhyuk Kim, Wassim M. Ghannoum, and James O. Jirsa

Shear Strength Model of Concrete Beams Based on Compression Zone Failure Mechanism
Kyoung-Kyu Choi, Jong-Chan Kim, and Hong-Gun Park

Detailing of Cutoff Flexural Reinforcement
Sung-Gul Hong, Namhee Kim Hong, and Eo-Jin Lee

Continuous Transverse Reinforcement—Behavior and Design Implications
B. M. Shahrooz, M. L. Forry, N. S. Anderson, H. L. Bill, and A. M. Doellman

Punching Shear Strength of Flat Slab-Edge Column Connections with Outward Eccentricity of Loading
Nivea G. B. Albuquerque, Guilherme S. Melo, and Robert L. Vollum

Discussion 112-S70/From the November-December 2015 ACI Structural Journal "Bond of reinforcement in Ultra-High- Performance Concrete, paper by Jiqiu Yuan and Benjamin Graybeal"
Shiming Chen and Haohui Li
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L'industria delle costruzioni, Anno L, nº 451 (2016)

L'industria delle costruzioni, Anno L, nº 451 (2016) | Ingeniería Civil |
Disponible en Biblioteca en formato papel:

In copertina: Nuova stazione di Birmingham
bibcaminosupm's insight:
Enrico Sicignano

Paolo Desideri

Arep, Silvio D’Ascia Architecture, Agostino Magnaghi – STAZIONE DI PORTA SUSA A TORINO, ITALIA – Pag. 22

Theo Hotz Partner Architekten/Ernst Hoffmann – Albert Wimmer – STAZIONE CENTRALE A VIENNA, AUSTRIA – Pag. 30


Arep, Groupe3 Architectes – STAZIONE DI CASABLANCA, MAROCCO – Pag. 54





- Sperimentazione progettuale e dimensione professionale: omaggio a Lucio Passarelli – Pag. 98
– La Stazione di Reggio Emilia come volano per la valorizzazione del territorio – Pag. 102
– Ampliamento di un edificio storico nel quartiere Prati a Roma – Pag. 104
– La casa sul monte Asama di Kazuo Shinohara: una lezione ancora attuale – Pag. 106
– Reciprocal. Un plug-in urbano ridefinisce lo spazio pubblico – Pag. 108

LIBRI - Pag. 110

NOTIZIE - Pag. 112

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TSM. Techniques Sciences Méthodes, nº 10 (2016)

TSM. Techniques Sciences Méthodes, nº 10 (2016) | Ingeniería Civil |
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Photo de couverture: Seuil d’eau à Paranapiacaba (Sao Paulo)
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Actualités de l’environnement

Décentralisation : Les collectivités s’organisent pour la mise en place de la Gemapi p. 2

Énergie : La nouvelle chaufferie biomasse des Ulis est inaugurée p. 2


Ostréiculteur : « J’ai inventé un mode d’élevage entre lagune et tramontane » p. 8

Vie de l’Astée

Groupe Jeunes : Travailler et évoluer dans le domaine de l’environnement : retour sur les Rencontres de l’Astee pour les jeunes p. 11


La télérelève des compteurs d’eau : nouveau service ou nouveau gadget numérique ? p. 17
M. Montginoul et A. Vestier

Traitement des matières de vidange par lits de séchage plantés de roseaux et valorisation des percolats en bois énergie : une approche écologique p. 34
T. Bel, S. Troesch, B. Kim, B. Molle, J.Y. Fraysse, N. Eisner, P. Bourdoncle, J. Di Mare et P. Molle

Entre gestion des eaux pluviales et inondation : adaptation et coordination pour une meilleure gestion du ruissellement p. 45
V. Gallet

Le réseau nous parle : il faut savoir l’écouter p. 58
L. Vauthier, F. Teng, G. Lellouche et E. Pequignot

Agenda p. 72
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L'industria delle costruzione, Anno L, nº 450 (2016)

L'industria delle costruzione, Anno L, nº 450 (2016) | Ingeniería Civil |
Disponible en Biblioteca en formato papel:

In copertina: Nido d’infanzia a Guastalla
bibcaminosupm's insight:
Ceschia e Mentil, Architetti Associati – UNITÀ RESIDENZIALE A PALUZZA, UDINE – Pag. 4

Mirko Franzoso Architetto – CASA SOCIALE A CLES, TRENTO – Pag. 10

Crotti Forsans Architetti / Antonio De Rossi /Studio GSP – CENTRO CULTURALE A OSTANA, CUNEO – Pag. 16



Gino Guarnieri, Roberto Mascazzini – SEI UNITÀ RESIDENZIALI A SESTO SAN GIOVANNI, MILANO – Pag. 32

Camillo Botticini Architetto – VILLA AL PASSO DEL CAVALLO, BRESCIA – Pag. 38


Mario Cucinella Architects – NIDO D’INFANZIA A GUASTALLA, REGGIO EMILIA – Pag. 50

CSIAA – R. A. Cherubini, P. Cardinale, A. Lanna – CASA E STUDIO VETERINARIO A FARA SABINA, ROMA – Pag. 58

Netti Architeti / Vittorio Carofiglio – RESTAURO DI UNA TORRE A MANDURIA – Pag. 64

Mario Casciu Francesca Rango Architetti – CANTINA VINICOLA A SANLURI, SUD SARDEGNA – Pag. 68

Nepi Terrosi Architetti Associati – COMPLESSO MULTIFUNZIONALE A SIENA – Pag. 74


- XXIII Triennale di Milano. 21st Century. Design After Design - Pag. 92
- Mobilità urbana: nuovi approcci ed esperienze – Pag. 89
- XV Biennale di Architettura. Reporting from Venezia Pag. 94
- Industrializzare l’edilizia. Le nuove condizioni di efficienza di un’edilizia capace di futuro - Pag. 100
- Gustavo Giovannoni tra storia e progetto: bilancio di una mostra – Pag, 104

LIBRI - Pag. 109

NOTIZIE - Pag. 110

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TSM. Techniques Sciences Méthodes, Année 111, nº 11 (2016)

TSM. Techniques Sciences Méthodes, Année 111, nº 11 (2016) | Ingeniería Civil |
Disponible en la Biblioteca en formato papel:

Photo de couverture: Hall de recherche Irstea/Grand-Lyon sur la station d’épuration de la Feyssine
bibcaminosupm's insight:

Actualités de l’environnement p. 2

Cop22 : L’eau s’ancre dans les Conférences Climat

Recherche : La technologie au service de la modélisation des mutations climatiques

Métiers p. 10

Maître composteur: « La valorisation des biodéchets est une évidence »

Vie de l’Astee

Eau et assainissement : De nouvelles versions pour les chartes qualité des réseaux d’eau potable et d’assainissement p. 12


Performances et limites d’un procédé à lit fluidisé associant biofilm et liqueur mixte (IFAS) pour le traitement du carbone et de l’azote des eaux résiduaires urbaines p. 16
P. Moretti, J.-P. Canler, O. Petrimaux, F. Balmer, P. Buffière, P. Lessard et J.-M. Choubert

Le modèle de prédiction de la qualité de la Seine ProSe - Améliorations apportées par les récents travaux de recherche (Piren-Phase VI) p. 43
B. Laborie, V. Rocher, L. Vilmin, M. Poulin, M. Raimonet, L. Benard, J. Bernier, S. Guérin, A. Cussonneau, J. Pouillaude et al. (4 de plus)

Résidus médicamenteux vétérinaires : quelles molécules rechercher dans les eaux superficielles en contexte d’élevage intensif ? p. 69
A. Soulier, E. Jardé, B. Le Bot, L. Carrera et A. Jaffrézic

Proposition de scénario de gestion des résidus solides urbains dans la région d’Oran, Algérie p. 95
B. Bouhadiba, A. Hamou, G. Matejka, M. Hadjel et Y. Kehila

Cartographie indicative d’aptitude à l’infiltration à l’échelle de Bordeaux Métropole p. 121
D. Pierlot, M. Ahyerre et Y. Kovacs

Variabilité climatique et détection de tendance dans la relation pluie-débit pour l’évaluation des risques de sécheresse dans le bassin de l’oued Ouahrane (Algérie) p. 141
Y. Elmeddahi, M. Remaoun, S. Abaidia et A. Issaadi

Agenda p. 168
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Revista de Obras Públicas, nº 3581 (2016)

Revista de Obras Públicas, nº 3581 (2016) | Ingeniería Civil |
Disponible en la Biblioteca en formato papel:

Foto de la portada: José de Echegaray y Eizaguirre
bibcaminosupm's insight:
José Echegaray, ingeniero y científico cosmopolita, p. 6-29 Sánchez Ron, José Manuel

Sobre ‘El gran galeoto’, de Echegaray, p. 30-33
Abellán, José Luis

Echegaray, un liberal radical en Fomento, p. 34-41
Gómez Mendoza, Josefina

José Echegaray, ateneista, pionero del regeneracionismo e ingeniero ferroviario, p. 44-55
Sáenz Ridruejo, Fernando

Echegaray dramaturgo, p. 56-63
Manzanares, Jose Luis

Echegaray, divulgador de la ciencia, 64-70
Martín Pereda, José A.

Echegaray, economista, p. 72-77
Serrano Sanz, José María

José Echegaray, entre la ciencia y la dramática De una presunta Estética científica a una específica Estética teatral, p. 78-87 Huertas, Eduardo

Viaje musical por la vida del polifacético ingeniero José Echegaray y Eizaguirre, p. 88-93
Mínguez Izaguirre, Fernando

El ‘viejo idiota’ que llegó a ser Premio Nobel, p. 94-98
Guillamón Álvarez, Juan
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Stahlbau, Jahrgang 85, nº 11 (2016)

Stahlbau, Jahrgang 85, nº 11 (2016) | Ingeniería Civil |
Disponible en Biblioteca en formato papel:
bibcaminosupm's insight:


Fachwerkträger mit I-Profilen und eingeschlitzten Knotenblechen – Tragverhalten und Drucktragfähigkeit der Füllstäbe auf Basis von Großversuchen (pages 709–723)
Univ.-Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Harald Unterweger and Dipl.-Ing. Andreas Kampleitner

Träger mit schlanken, wabenförmig strukturierten Stegen – Versuch und Simulation (pages 724–732)
Dr.-Ing. Susanne Bartholomé and Univ.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Hartmut Pasternak


Deutschlands erste feuerverzinkte Stahl-Verbundbrücke fertiggestellt (page 732)


Zur Dauerhaftigkeit laserstrahlgeschweißter Stahlhohlplatten im Brückenbau (pages 733–739)
Univ.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dieter Ungermann and Dipl.-Ing. Christopher Rüsse

Heißbemessung im Stahlbau – Level 3-Analyse einer Industriehalle nach DIN EN 1993-1-2 (pages 740–746)
Christian Maiershofer, Dipl.-Ing. Rudolf Reisch, Professor Dr.-Ing. Martin Mensinger, Dipl.-Ing. PhD Florian M. Block and Dr. sc. techn. Dipl.-Ing. Walter Borgogno

Zur Abminderung der Knotentragfähigkeit von Hohlprofilknoten aus hochfesten Kreishohlprofilen (pages 747–763)
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ömer Bucak, Dipl.-Ing. Heinrich Ehard, Dr.-Ing. Stefan Herion and Dr.-Ing. Oliver

Fleischer Zur Entwicklungsgeschichte des Stahlverbundbaus (pages 764–780)
Dipl.-Ing. Eberhard Pelke and Dr.-Ing. Karl-Eugen Kurrer


iforum Eurocode 3 (page 780)


Frühe Eisen- und Stahlhochbauten der Industriearchitektur in den Vereinigten Staaten von Amerika, 1850–1900 (pages 781–790) Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Miron Mislin

Aus der Forschung Projekt zur Entwicklung eines neuen Stahls am Düsseldorfer Max-Planck-Institut für Eisenforschung (page 790)

Weihnachtspreisaufgabe: Stahlbau 11/2016 (page 791)


Sichtprüfungen und Dämmschichtbildner auf Stahl (pages 792–793)
Dipl.-Ing. Gunther Brux


Persönliches: Stahlbau 11/2016 (page 794)


Nachhaltigkeit von Infrastrukturbauwerken – Ganzheitliche Bewertung von Autobahnbrücken unter besonderer Berücksichtigung externer Effekte (pages 794–795)


Sonar, Th.: Die Geschichte des Prioritätsstreits zwischen Leibniz und Newton. (page 795)

Karl-Eugen Kurrer Nozhova, E.: Networks of Construction. (page 796)
Eberhard Möller

Firmen und Verbände (pages 796–798)

Termine: Stahlbau 11/2016 (page 798)

Vorschau 12/2016
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Beton- und Stahlbetonbau, Jahrgang 111, nº 11 (2016)

Beton- und Stahlbetonbau, Jahrgang 111, nº 11 (2016) | Ingeniería Civil |
Disponible en Biblioteca en formato papel:

Zum titelbild: Hafentunnel in Bremerhaven
bibcaminosupm's insight:


Vorhersage der Schubtragfähigkeit (page 693)
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Johann Kollegger


Scheibenbemessung der Pressenkraftdurchleitung bei TVM-Vortrieben (pages 694–705)
Dipl.-Ing. Gereon Behnen, Prof. Oliver Fischer and Dipl.-Ing. Gerald Schmidt-Thrö

Rechnerische Beurteilung der Schubtragfähigkeit einer Spannbetonbrücke mit geringem Querkraft bewehrungsgrad : Erstmalige Anwendung des „Flexural Shear Crack”-Modells in der Praxis (pages 706–715)
Dr. Patrick Huber, Dr. Kurt Kratzer, Dipl.-Ing. Tobias Huber, Dipl.-Ing. Michael Kleiser and Prof. Johann Kollegger

Querkraftwiderstand von Stahlbetonbauteilen ohne Querkraftbewehrung (pages 716–727)
Prof. Peter Marti and Herr M.Sc. Alexander Beck

Zur Mindestquerkraftbewehrung von Stahlbetonbalken (pages 728–737)
Dipl.-Ing. Christina Kley and Prof. Peter Mark


Bewertung der In-situ-Druckfestigkeit von Beton (page 737)


Schubversuche an simulierten Durchlaufbalken ohne Querkraftbewehrung (pages 738–748)
Prof. Nguyen Viet Tue, Dipl.-Ing. Rainer Ehmann, Dipl.-Ing. Christoph Betschoga and Dr. Nguyen Duc Tung


Streitlösungsordnung für das Bauwesen „runderneuert” (page 748)


Hinweise für den Ansatz der Betonzugfestigkeit beim Nachweis der Mindestbewehrung für frühen Zwang gemäß Eurocode 2-2 (DIN EN 1992-2/NA) (pages 749–758)
Dr. Karlheinz Haveresch, Prof. Reinhard Maurer and Dr. Franka Tauscher


Die neue Lahntalbrücke Limburg im Zuge der BAB 3 – Wettbewerb und Entwurf (pages 759–775)
Annett Nusch and Dipl.-Ing. Norbert Nieder


Schutz und Instandsetzung von Betonbauteilen (page 775)

Beton- und Stahlbetonbau aktuell 11/2016 (pages 777–780)

Veranstaltungskalender: Kongresse – Symposien – Seminare – Messen (pages 781–782)

Vorschau 12/2016
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Magazine of Concrete Research, vol. 68, nº 21-22 (2016)

Magazine of Concrete Research, vol. 68, nº 21-22 (2016) | Ingeniería Civil |
Disponible en la Biblioteca en formato papel: y como recurso electrónico accesible en la red de la UPM y a través de VPN:
bibcaminosupm's insight:
Physical properties and carbon dioxide capture of synthetic gamma-C2S cement composites in the early days of curing, pp. 1079–1084
Godfrey Mainagalya Mabudo, Sunghyun Lee, Seungmin Kang, Myongshin Song
Keywords: admixtures, carbonation, compressive strength, curing, mortar

Prediction of chloride content in concrete using ANN and CART, pp. 1085–1098
Mohammadreza Seify Asghshahr, Alireza Rahai, Hamidreza Ashrafi
Keywords: durability-related properties, modelling, plain concrete

Welded, pickled stainless steel reinforcements: corrosion results after 9 years in mortar, pp. 1099–1109
E. Carol Paredes, Asuncion Bautista, Francisco Velasco, Sandra M. Álvarez
Keywords: carbonation, durability-related properties, mortar

Mechanical properties and behaviour of concrete reinforced with spiral-shaped steel fibres under dynamic splitting tension, pp. 1110–1121
Yifei Hao, Hong Hao Keywords: fibre-reinforced concrete, impact, tensile properties

Combined effect of high concentrated loads exerted by TBM hydraulic jacks, pp. 1122–1132
Antonio Conforti, Giuseppe Tiberti, Giovanni A. Plizzari
Keywords: fibre-reinforced concrete, load transfer, testing, structural elements

Cyclic constitutive model for strain-hardening cementitious composites, pp. 1133–1142
Chang Wu, Zuanfeng Pan, Shaoping Meng
Keywords: cement/cementitious materials, finite element methods, strain

Hydration characteristics of cement-free binder using Kambara reactor slag, pp. 1143–1154
Bongsuk Cho
Keywords: admixtures, cement/cementitious materials, chemical properties

Study of formwork pressure of column under ultra-deep vibration, pp. 1155–1165
Zhang Wenxue, Huang Jian, Li Yunkai, Xie Quanyi
Keywords: fresh concrete, pressure-related properties, vibration

Cyclic behaviour of earthquake- and corrosion-damaged RC columns, pp. 1166–1182
Xian Li, Ze-Hua Zhao, Yan-Shuo Liang, Heng-Lin Lv
Keywords: composite materials, durability-related properties, fatigue

Discussion: Mechanical properties of hybrid fibre-reinforced concrete – analytical modelling and experimental behaviour, pp. 1183–1186
Aref Abadel, Husain Abbas, Tarek Almusallam, Yousef Al-Salloum, Nadeem Siddiqui, Mohammed A. Shubaili, Hossam El-Din M. Sallam
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Journal - American Water Works Association, Vol. 108, nº 11 (2016)

Journal - American Water Works Association, Vol. 108, nº 11 (2016) | Ingeniería Civil |
Disponible en biblioteca en formato papel:
bibcaminosupm's insight:

Introducing the Framework for Direct Potable Reuse, Page(s) 28-33
Via, Steve; Tchobanoglous, George

Highlights From the 2016 AWWA International Symposium on Potable Reuse, Page(s) 34-37
Alspach, Brent; Flancher, Dawn; Gerling, Alex

Sustainable Low-Pressure Reverse Osmosis Concentrate Management: Eight Years and Counting, Page(s) 38-43
Hobbs, Colin; Arevalo, Jorge; Prah, David; Noble, John; Ponitz, David; Butler, Sam

Securing the World's Water: International Climate Negotiations and Their Impacts, Page(s) 44-54
Lowder, Morgan A.; Carpenter, Adam T.

You Don't Have to Be Large to Take a Giant Step Forward in Reuse, Page(s) 55-61
Strayer, James; McKinney, Christopher; Morrow, Angela; Davis, Kevin; Rasmus, Jim; Bekmanis, John

Planning and Implementing CIS and AMR/AMI Projects: A 2016 WRF Report Is a Practical Guide for Success, Page(s) 62-67
Rettie, Melanie; Powers, Lynne; Wiest, Gary; Reekie, Linda; Whaley, Caroline

Padre Dam's Advanced Water Purification Program: Building a Better Future Inspired by Creativity From the Past, Page(s) 68-76
Lau, Al; Huston, Patrick; Pecson, Brian

Water: The Signature Resource of Minneapolis, Page(s) 78-84 Gerads, Glen

Monitoring-Based Framework to Detect and Manage Lead Water Service Lines, Page(s) E555-E570
Deshommes, Elise; Bannier, Alicia; Laroche, Laurent; Nour, Shokoufeh; Prevost, Michele

Harvested Rainwater Quality Before and After Treatment and Distribution in Residential Systems, Page(s) E571-E584
Kim, Taegyu; Lye, Dennis; Donohue, Maura; Mistry, Jatin H.; Pfaller, Stacy; Vesper, Stephen; Kirisits, Mary Jo

Mining for Water: Using Billing Data to Characterize Residential Irrigation Demand, Page(s) E585-E597
Boyer, Mackenzie J.; Dukes, Michael D.; Young, Linda J.; Wang, Chuan

The Water Audit Data Initiative: Five Years and Accounting, Page(s) E598-E605
Sayers, David; Jernigan, Will; Kunkel, George; Chastain-Howley, Andrew

Columns & Departments

Inside Insight -- Water Reuse: Recognizing a Smaller World Mercer, Kenneth L.

Open Channel -- Golden Anniversary of Water Research
LaFrance, David B.

Total Water Solutions -- A Common-Sense Case for Water Supply Diversification
Alspach, Brent

Money Matters -- Flint Is a Wake-up Call
Rexhausen, Jeff

People in the News

Standards Official Notice: B451-16; C230-16; and C903-16

Industry News

Media Pulse

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Tracés, Année 142, nº 22 (2016)

Tracés, Année 142, nº 22 (2016) | Ingeniería Civil |
Disponible en Biblioteca en formato papel:

Photo: Vue du bâtiment depuis l’Esplanade
bibcaminosupm's insight:

TRACÉS s'interesse à ArtLab, le projet à peine livré par Kengo Kuma a I'EPFL: au menu son architecture, sa structure et sa programmation culturelle.

6 - Une icone japonaise a I'EPFL
Mounir Ayoub

12 - Structure hybride
Philippe Menetrey

18 - Inside Under One Roof
Christophe Catsaros


22 - Un nomade dans la ville: le centre d'accueil pour migrants de Paris-Nord
Marc Frochaux







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La Houille Blanche, Année 71, nº 506 (5) (2016)

La Houille Blanche, Année 71, nº 506 (5) (2016) | Ingeniería Civil |
Disponible en Biblioteca en formato papel:

Photo de couverture: Toulouse (Haute-Garonne, Midi Pyrenées, france): lit de la Garonne
bibcaminosupm's insight:
Actualité de la Houille Blanche

Prévision des inondations : gestion de crise et partage de l'information des zones inondées p. 5
Aurélie Escudier, Pierre-Adrien Hans, Christophe Astier and Jean-Luc Souldadié

Observatoire de l'Hydrologie de Franche-Comté p. 11
Céline Dziadkowiak, Olivier Boujard, Julie Vereecke and Ewen Lyvinec

In light of seasonal climatic and anthropogenic changes, is the Vaud canton (Switzerland) vulnerable to water stress by the medium-term? p. 17
Marianne Milano, Emmanuel Reynard, Nina Bosshard and Rolf Weingartner

Le partage de la ressource en eau sur la Durance en 2050 : vers une évolution du mode de gestion des grands ouvrages duranciens ? p. 25
Eric Sauquet, Yannick Arama, Eugénie Blanc-Coutagne, Hélène Bouscasse, Flora Branger, Isabelle Braud, Jean-François Brun, Johan Cherel, Thomas Cipriani, Thibault Datry et al. (19 more)

Climate change impacts on water resources and reservoir management in the Seine river basin (France) p. 32
David Dorchies, Guillaume Thirel, Charles Perrin, Jean-Claude Bader, Régis Thepot, Jean-Louis Rizzoli, Claudine Jost and Stéphane Demerliac

Le passage des crises estivales dans la rivière d'Ain (France) : Apports de la prévision et enseignements tirés de la période 1994-2014 p. 38
Alain Poirel, David Cheminet, Bruno Landru, Vincent Wawrzyniak and Marie Noëlle Faye

Analyse rétrospective de la tension sur l'eau dans le Sahel tunisien p. 45
Fadia Gafsi

Évolution du ruissellement et du volume d'eau ruisselé en surface urbaine. Étude de cas : Bordeaux 1984-2014, France p. 51
Ionel Haidu and Kinga Ivan

La SHF and Grenoble: La Houille Blanche, Beauvert Laboratory and Men p. 57
Willi H. Hager

Environnement & Hydroélectricité : HydroES 2016 Synthèse de la conférence internationale organisée par la SHF les 16 et 17 mars 2016 à Grenoble p. 64
Agnès Barillier, Guy Caignaert, Véronique Gouraud, Maria-Helena Ramos, Didier Roult and Pierre-Louis Viollet

Le Conseil Mondial de l’eau a 20 ans, par R Coulomb et D Loudière
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Structural Engineering and Mechanics, Vol. 60, nº 4 (2016)

Structural Engineering and Mechanics, Vol. 60, nº 4 (2016) | Ingeniería Civil |
Disponible en la Biblioteca en formato papel: y como recurso electrónico accesible en la red de la UPM y a través de VPN:
bibcaminosupm's insight:
A new 3-unknowns non-polynomial plate theory for buckling and vibration of functionally graded sandwich plate, pages 547-565. Abdelouahed Tounsi, Mohammed Sid Ahmed Houari, Aicha Bessaim

Structural performance of ribbed ferrocement plates reinforced with composite materials, pages 567-594.
Yousry B.I. Shaheen, Ashraf M. Mahmoud and Hala M. Refat

Study of seismic performance and favorable structural system of suspension bridges, pages 595-614.
Xin-Jun Zhang and Chao Zhang

Post-buckling of cylindrical shells with spiral stiffeners under elastic foundation, pages 615-631.
Alireza Shaterzadeh and Kamran Foroutan

Three dimensional modelling of ancient colonnade structural systems subjected to harmonic and seismic loading, pages 633-653.
V. Sarhosis, P.G. Asteris, A. Mohebkhah, J. Xiao and T. Wang

Prediction of behavior of fresh concrete exposed to vibration using artificial neural networks and regression model, pages 655-665.
Gultekin Aktas and Mehmet Sirac Ozerdem

Performance evaluation of wavelet and curvelet transforms based-damage detection of defect types in plate structures, pages 667-691.
Ali R. Hajizadeh, Javad Salajegheh and Eysa Salajegheh

Interfacial stresses in RC beam bonded with a functionally graded material plate, pages 693-705.
Tahar Hassaine Daouadji, Abdebasset Chedad and Belkacem Adim

A four-variable plate theory for thermal vibration of embedded FG nanoplates under non-uniform temperature distributions with different boundary conditions, pages 707-727
Mohammad Reza Barati and Hossein Shahverdi

Structural damage identification using gravitational search algorithm, pages 729-747.
J.K. Liu, Z.T. Wei, Z.R. Lu and Y.J. Ou
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Ingeopres, nº 254 (2016)

Ingeopres, nº 254 (2016) | Ingeniería Civil |
Disponible en Biblioteca en formato papel: y en formato digital en:
bibcaminosupm's insight:


5 - La obra civil, en caída libre en España


10 - El libro 'Fundamentos del Diseño de Túneles', presentado en el marco de la jornada técnica de Aetos

12 -Control tele remoto de palas LHD en Mina Magdalena (Almonaster, Huelva)

18 - Metso firma un importante acuerdo con Codelco (Chile), la empresa minera de cobre más grande del mundo

22 - Hunosa y Barloworld Finanzauto mejoran el entorno y protegen el medio ambiente de la cuenca minera asturiana

28 - Intervalos de validez de algunas distribuciones granulométricas para fragmentación por voladura

38 - Participación de grúas sobre orugas Liebherr en la expansión del aeropuerto de Barcelona

42 - Casos de Terraplenes y Cimiento de Explanada mejorados con compactación superficial y profunda. Incidencia de la Materia Orgánica en la eficacia del suelo tratado

48 - Aumento de calado en el muelle Raos 1. Puerto de Santander

54 - Selección de técnicas de mejora de suelos en proyectos de obra civil. Aplicación a la autopista AP-7 (A-37) (Alicante-Cartagena) y al tranvía LRT en Kaohsiung (Taiwán)

66 - 20 años de experiencias utilizando productos de malla de alambre de acero de doble torsión y geomallas: el nacimiento de las estructuras híbridas de terreno reforzado

76 - El nuevo centro logístico de Amazon, construido con máquinas Junttan y Mopycsa

78 - Cemento expansivo Cras para el desmonte en zona urbana


80 - Ahorra tiempo y dinero en tus trabajos de trituración con la cuchara trituradora

82 - Mesurex proporciona sensores eficientes para infraestructuras de obra civil
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Cemento-Hormigón, Año LXXXVII, nº 976 (2016)

Cemento-Hormigón, Año LXXXVII, nº 976 (2016) | Ingeniería Civil |
Disponible en Biblioteca en formato papel:
bibcaminosupm's insight:
2 - La economía circular, la clave del crecimiento sostenible Daniel Calleja Crespo

4 - Circular el cemento circular
Aniceto Zaragoza Ramírez


6 - Cemento y hormigón en la economía circular
Miguel Ángel Sanjuán

18 - La economía circular en el contexto de las futuras normas de especificaciones de cementos
Cristina Argiz


28 - Limitaciones económicas y ambientales de la utilización de hormigones reciclados
Pilar Alaejos y Marta Sánchez de Juan

38 - Hormigón estructural térmico. Economía circular
Alfonso J. Moraño Rodríguez

46 - Integración de la economía circular en la sostenibilidad de las infraestructuras
Álvaro Feliu y Antonio Aguado


52 - Evaluación de la gestión de los residuos de construcción y demolición en España en el ámbito de una economía circular
Eloy Asensio, Moisés Frías, Mª Isabel Sánchez de Rojas, César Medina y Gracia Rodríguez


64 - El reciclado de carreteras. Una solución económica y circular Jesús Díaz Minguela

74 - Economía circular en los prefabricados de hormigón: hacia el objetivo ‘cero residuos’
Alejandro López Vidal

80 - Realizaciones con áridos reciclados
José Ignacio Tertre Torán
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Revista de Obras Públicas, nº 3580 (2016)

Revista de Obras Públicas, nº 3580 (2016) | Ingeniería Civil |
Disponible en la Biblioteca en formato papel:

Foto de la portada: Vista del palacio de Cibeles, sede del Ayuntamiento de Madrid
bibcaminosupm's insight:


6 - Las grandes ciudades, ante los nuevos retos

8 - La gestión en el Ayuntamiento de Madrid. Entrevista a Luis Cueto, coordinador general del Ayuntamiento de Madrid


22 - Centenario del fallecimiento de Mariano Carderera Ponzán, ingeniero de Caminos y arquitecto (1846-1916)
Ángel Hernando del Cura

32 - Una nueva Ley de Carreteras en Portugal
Luís Miguel Pereira Farinha

36 - España y la red de alta velocidad en Estados Unidos

Luis Fort López-Tello y Carmen Fort Santa-María


56 - Nuevas tecnologías de la comunicación multimedia aplicadas al puente de la Constitución de Cádiz
José María Luzón Nogué, Juan Víctor Mejías Calero, Néstor F. Marqués González y José Luis Gómez Merino

64 - Predimensionamiento de turbinas bulbo
Pablo Zapico Gutiérrez y Pedro García Merayo


71 - Australia, construcción al otro lado del mundo



90 - Novedades editoriales
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