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Social Media Is The Next Web - Brian Solis [more and more graphic]

Social Media Is The Next Web - Brian Solis [more and more graphic] | Information Science |
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Via Martin (Marty) Smith, NikolaosKourakos
Martin (Marty) Smith's curator insight, December 9, 2012 6:42 AM

More And More People Connected To The Web For Longer Amounts of Time is a pretty great graphic and summary of our most Internet marketing future. This excellent article from trusted source Brian Solis implies the death of things such as:

* The static web (everything moves all the time now).

* The lecture web (all content is conversation now).

* The textual web (visuals, visuals and visuals rule).

* The one size fits all web (mobile, social and local now).

* The work web (web worming into all hours now).


The web's working its way into everything from our refrigerator telling us it is time for service to our Social, Local and Mobile dreams and desires is the ubiquitous web, the infinite waterfall web, the web whose presence is taken for granted and ever-present. 

In a way we will know we've succeeded as Internet marketers when the word "Internet' is no longer part of our job description. When we return to being "marketers" again because Internet is understood we've safely arrived at our destination - The Next Web.  


Rescooped by Afroditi Fragkou from The Information Professional!

m-Libraries Conference keynote presentations- available live online | 24-26th September 2012

“From margin to mainstream: mobile technologies transforming lives and libraries”


"Mobile technology has transformed so many aspects of our lives: how we work, how we communicate, how we study and how we play. This conference will explore and share the innovative work carried out in libraries around the world to deliver services and resources to users via mobile and hand-held devices.

The fourth International m-libraries Conference is hosted by The Open University and Athabasca University and it will bring together researchers, educators, technical developers, managers and library professionals to share experience and exchange expertise with colleagues at the cutting edge of mobile use and development and to generate ideas for future developments."

Via Karen du Toit
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