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Information Science
What you need to know about libraries, books, information science in Greece and the rest of the world
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Rescooped by Afroditi Fragkou from School Library Advocacy!

Flipped classroom <>flipped school library

Flipped classroom <>flipped school library | Information Science |

Flipping the classroom changes the place in which content is delivered. If the teacher assigns lecture-type, frontal instruction–in the form of video, simulations, slidecasts, readings, podcasts–as homework, then class time can be used interactively. The class becomes conversation space, creation space, space where teachers actively facilitate learning.

Flipping frees face-to-face classroom time for interactive and applied learning, activities that inspire critical thinking, exploration, inquiry, discussion, collaboration, problem solving.  So, the classroom and the library become more learner-centered.

Via Karen Bonanno
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Rescooped by Afroditi Fragkou from Information Science and LIS!

The Future of School Libraries

This video was created for EDES 545 Information Technologies For Learning, as part of the Teacher-Librarianship by Distance Learning Masters.

Via Karen Bonanno, Joao Brogueira
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