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Rescooped by Debbie Northway from 21st Century Information Fluency!

Welcome to WebCHECK!

Welcome to WebCHECK! | Informed Teacher Librarianship |

Welcome! The Center for Digital Literacy at Syracuse University is pleased to present WebCHECK: The Website Evaluation Instrument (aka WebCHECK), funded by an Institute of Museum and Library Services SPARKS! Ignition Grant. WebCHECK is a series of instruments that were designed for educators, Web designers and students to assess Web sites they use for assignments and projects. There are several instruments that can be used by K-12 students as well as WebCHECK Professional for educators and Web designers. WebCHECK Facilitator is designed for K-12 educators and administrators and higher education faculty to use when assigning a single Web site to be evaluated by groups or classes of students or by educators in a professional development workshop.


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Rescooped by Debbie Northway from Curriculum Resources!

Check It Out: Verifying Information and Sources in News Coverage

Check It Out: Verifying Information and Sources in News Coverage | Informed Teacher Librarianship |

Taking a close look at the challenges and responsibilities of confirming information while reporting the news.


Overview | How do journalists and researchers check the accuracy of their sources? How important is it not only to be right but also to have reliable information on which to base reporting and research? In this lesson, students consider how the details in several unfolding events were verified and handled in news media outlets including The New York Times and reflect on the role of the “truth vigilante” in journalism and academia.

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