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Scooped by Debbie Northway!

Delicious - Discover Yourself!

Delicious - Discover Yourself! | Informed Teacher Librarianship |

a social book-marking site which allows you to access your book-marks from any computer. It also allows your colleagues and students to share your bookmarks.

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Rescooped by Debbie Northway from School Library Advocacy!

The Classroom of The Future: How Social Media Can Better Our Education System

Enter the classroom of the future -- a vision crafted by a series of panelists and experts in education, social media strategy, and platform development. Through a series of interactive examples and discussion around new ways to get students the resources they need, we're going to ask these innovators to build us this futuristic classroom -- and we're going to ask you to help. By the end, we want everyone to have a vision of what a socially empowered, and more equal, educational system in American could look like. Then let's go make it happen.

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