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Rescooped by Dr. Laura Sheneman from 21st Century Leadership!

Seven soft skills that every leader should develop

Seven soft skills that every leader should develop | Information Powerhouses |

Business prowess and the ability to command and lead have for a long time been associated with efficient management and leadership, but big changes are on the way. Together with various transitions in business, management is also changing to incorporate more soft skills than ever. A recent study from Harvard Business Review demonstrated that the requirements for a leadership position have shifted to include many soft skills. Here are some of the most important soft skills every manager should develop and cultivate.

Via Roger Francis, Kimberley Richardson, Roy Sheneman, PhD
Dr. Laura Sheneman's insight:

OK, librarians.  You are leaders on your campus and in your district.  Choose one or two of these to work on this year.

donhornsby's curator insight, November 6, 2014 8:20 AM

(From the article): Humility essentially means that a leader is modest about his or her position in the rank, and refrains from adopting the management style of a power-hungry megalomaniac. A good leader is able to allow others to lead with him, because they know how to balance confidence and humility. Instead of feeding his or her ego with the power and authority that comes with the function, a great leader is able to blend in and set a rhythm for the whole company to follow. 

Kimberley Richardson's curator insight, November 6, 2014 11:21 AM

A great list and the only other and most important quality I would add is respect for self and genuine respect for others.  It is the glue that holds people, relationships and organizations together.

Rescooped by Dr. Laura Sheneman from Business Improvement!

6 Habits of True Strategic Thinkers

6 Habits of True Strategic Thinkers | Information Powerhouses |

Via Anne Leong, Daniel Watson
Dr. Laura Sheneman's insight:

Think about your role as a librarian and aim to develop these habits.  It will keep us on the cutting edge of transformation.

Belkacem Nabout's curator insight, November 29, 2013 3:35 AM

Grâce à UnKube vous pouvez avoir des gains CONSEQUENTS, MENSUELS, DURABLES et le plus important :
qui viennent de sources différentes.

ASPEL Editor's curator insight, January 14, 2014 5:01 AM

Often times we are faced with the temptation to reach for a fast (and potentially wrongheaded) solution. However, a good strategic leader holds steady, synthesizing information from many sources before developing a viewpoint. If your leader lacks some level of peripheral vision, it can leave your company vulnerable to rivals who detect and act on ambiguous signals. We need strategic leaders who will foster open dialogue, build trust and engage key stakeholders, especially when views diverge. Find out how to become the strategic leader your company needs!



Molly McClure []'s curator insight, April 4, 2014 1:24 PM

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