Influence et contagion
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Influence et contagion
L'influence et la contagion dans la cyberculture
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I Flirt and Tweet. Follow Me at #Socialbot

I Flirt and Tweet. Follow Me at #Socialbot | Influence et contagion |
Socialbots are being designed to sway elections, to influence the stock market, even to flirt with people and one another.

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luiy's insight:

FROM the earliest days of the Internet, robotic programs, or bots, have been trying to pass themselves off as human. Chatbots greet users when they enter an online chat room, for example, or kick them out when they get obnoxious. More insidiously, spambots indiscriminately churn out e-mails advertising miracle stocks and unattended bank accounts in Nigeria. Bimbots deploy photos of gorgeous women to hawk work-from-home job ploys and illegal pharmaceuticals.


Now come socialbots. These automated charlatans are programmed to tweet and retweet. They have quirks, life histories and the gift of gab.


Many of them have built-in databases of current events, so they can piece together phrases that seem relevant to their target audience. They have sleep-wake cycles so their fakery is more convincing, making them less prone to repetitive patterns that flag them as mere programs. Some have even been souped up by so-called persona management software, which makes them seem more real by adding matching Facebook, Reddit or Foursquare accounts, giving them an online footprint over time as they amass friends and like-minded followers.

Ron Sela's curator insight, August 13, 2013 7:01 AM

I Flirt and Tweet. Follow Me at Socialbot.

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The Many Faces of Influence [infographic]

The Many Faces of Influence [infographic] | Influence et contagion |

Inspired by the rich variety of influencer types our customers discover, we looked for patterns and identified 10 key archetypes. Among these influencer profiles are:

the Authority, the influencer who is expert in connecting topic areas and can package insights into a meaningful bundle for his audience;the Insider, who finds alliances to build the market story he needs to tell and pushes the industry forward; andthe Agitator, who always looks for ways to stir the pot and push conversations to new heights. 

Filled with fun facts and tips about what motivates the different types of online influencers,The Many Faces of Influence infographic is a simple guide to understanding how to be a part of their community and knowing the best ways to engage them.

Explore this inforgraphic to learn more about The Many Faces of Influence...

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Influencers are the lifeblood to social media success and credibility

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How to Find, Follow and Connect with Social Media Influencers | #influence #networkawareness

How to Find, Follow and Connect with Social Media Influencers | #influence #networkawareness | Influence et contagion |
How to Find, Follow and Connect with Social Media Influencers WordStream (blog) In short, you want to be able to connect with influencers—people in your industry who are well respected, widely published, speak at important conventions, have a...

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luiy's insight:
How To Track Influencers With Google+ Ripples

One of the lesser known ways to connect with influencers is through Google+ Ripples. The great thing about Ripples is the idea that you can see not just who is sharing your SEO content, but who your specific influencers really are and how to connect with them. You can see who shared your content and gave that content good visibility. That person is absolutely a social media influencer for you, so he/she is someone you should want to meet.

Kenneth Mikkelsen's comment, June 27, 2013 10:11 AM
Great post. Thank you for sharing, Luis.
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Social Media Influence Measurement Tools: Klout vs PeerIndex

Social Media Influence Measurement Tools: Klout vs PeerIndex | Influence et contagion |

For the purposes of this test, I took the 50 accounts from the list of independent travel influencers.
I then created a spreadsheet in Excel and imported the following data for all 50 people on the list:
- Klout Score
- PeerIndex Score
- Number of Tweets
- Number of Followers
- Number of people following
- Ratio of followers to following
- Number of Twitter lists

I then plotted the data for Klout and PeerIndex scores vs the various metrics and put a trendline on the data with a corresponding R^2 value. A value of 1.00 would be a perfect correlation...
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