Influence et contagion
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Influence et contagion
L'influence et la contagion dans la cyberculture
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I Flirt and Tweet. Follow Me at #Socialbot

I Flirt and Tweet. Follow Me at #Socialbot | Influence et contagion |
Socialbots are being designed to sway elections, to influence the stock market, even to flirt with people and one another.

Via Ron Sela
luiy's insight:

FROM the earliest days of the Internet, robotic programs, or bots, have been trying to pass themselves off as human. Chatbots greet users when they enter an online chat room, for example, or kick them out when they get obnoxious. More insidiously, spambots indiscriminately churn out e-mails advertising miracle stocks and unattended bank accounts in Nigeria. Bimbots deploy photos of gorgeous women to hawk work-from-home job ploys and illegal pharmaceuticals.


Now come socialbots. These automated charlatans are programmed to tweet and retweet. They have quirks, life histories and the gift of gab.


Many of them have built-in databases of current events, so they can piece together phrases that seem relevant to their target audience. They have sleep-wake cycles so their fakery is more convincing, making them less prone to repetitive patterns that flag them as mere programs. Some have even been souped up by so-called persona management software, which makes them seem more real by adding matching Facebook, Reddit or Foursquare accounts, giving them an online footprint over time as they amass friends and like-minded followers.

Ron Sela's curator insight, August 13, 2013 7:01 AM

I Flirt and Tweet. Follow Me at Socialbot.

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What Kind of Online Influencer Are You? The Klout Influence Matrix

What Kind of Online Influencer Are You? The Klout Influence Matrix | Influence et contagion |

Robin Good: According to Klout there are at least 16 different types of online influencers, ranging from those who love to actively share and participate, to those who more quitely like to explore, observe and report.  

The Klout Influence Matrix identifies these specific 16 types:

  • Curator
  • Broadcaster
  • Syndicator 
  • Feeder
  • Tastemaker
  • Celebrity
  • Thought Leader
  • Pundit
  • Dabbler
  • Conversationalist
  • Observer
  • Explorer
  • Socializer
  • Networker
  • Activist
  • Specialist

  1. As in my case, you may likely feel that you belong in more than one of these categories.
  2. What matters is your ability to develop greater sensitivity for the differences that make up these profiles and to cull more attentively those that you feel are closer to your character and objectives.
  3. Check also Lisa Barone, co-founder of the firm Outspoken Media (New York), who in contrast, proposes a simpler list in Small Business Trends: The Five Types of Influencers On The Web.

Interesting. 8/10

(Thanks to Raymond Morin) 

Via Robin Good
Giua Giovanni Lacqua's comment, February 20, 2012 5:00 AM
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