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The Greece Real Estate report examines the commercial office, retail, industrial and construction segments alongside the construction sector in the context of the country’s continuing economic struggles. With a focus on the principal cities of Athens, Piraeus and Thessaloniki, the report covers the rental market performance in terms of rates and yields over the past 18 months and examines how best to maximise returns in the commercial real estate market, while minimising investment risk and exploring the impact of the government led austerity on a long-stagnant market. Key complementary industry areas are also examined including the construction industry and business environment, key in analyzing investor sentiment.


While the Greek government has overcome a number of obstacles, and the pace of contraction continues to ease in 2012, we stress that a return to sustainable growth is predicated not just on successful economic reforms but also on targeting policies at future growth industries and restoring confidence. The short-term outlook for the real estate sector is not likely to restore investor confidence any time soon: the pipeline is glacial, demand-destruction is endemic and oversupply is rife. The risks for the real estate sector as a whole are therefore firmly weighted to the downside, with a slight silver lining coming in the form of high-end space, particularly in the retail and office segments. Greece’s construction industry is expected to remain in recession for the sixth consecutive year in 2012, and we do not expect a recovery until 2015.


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