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Rescooped by Kasey Massey from Recording Technology: Analog vs. Digital!

Analog Vs. Digital Sound Boards - How to Decide | Acoustics By Design Blog

Analog Vs. Digital Sound Boards - How to Decide | Acoustics By Design Blog | Industry News |

For me, it's hard to decide on which to choose. As far as digital consoles, like it says in the article, they allow you to have presets for any show you do, which is something that I find very useful, especially for time when I have done theatre productions. You can also save those presets on a USB drive and use it on another console, which is great, especially if you're touring. However, I've used analog more than digital and it's safe to say I am very comfortable with it. The article made a good point saying that with analog consoles, all of the channels and settings are visible. On a digital console, you're constantly flipping through screen which can be a hassel. In the future, I do see myself using digital consoles, but I think it would depend on the show. - Sydney Tavares

Via Sydney Tavares, Timmy Crain
Clayton Gaudette's curator insight, September 9, 2014 12:25 PM

This showing you the difference form analog and digital in there areas. 

Steven Blake Lawrence's curator insight, September 14, 2014 2:39 PM

This article is very interesting coming from a person that has manly worked on an analog for five years and very little experience with a digital bored it is shocking to see that other individuals feel the same way that i did comparing the two.

Omar Ramirez's curator insight, September 14, 2014 5:46 PM

This article explains about the top 3 factors when deciding which console to purchase. The factors are ease of use, price, and flexibility.

Scooped by Kasey Massey!

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