Vintage India via Cecil Beaton | Indian Photographies |

"In 1945, in one of its more inspired moments, the British Ministry of Information dispatched Cecil Beaton; chosen photographer to royalty, darling photographer to the likes of Audrey Hepburn and Greta Garbo and later the world-famous designer of My Fair Lady and Gigi, to the Far East to take pictures of the British Empire and its allies at war. The result was not only a superb collection of photographs but a breathtakingly vivid written portrait of India, Burma, and China at a historic turning-point in their histories.

Beaton was a great observer and, perhaps unexpectedly, a great describer. In remarkably few words, he can make you see, hear, smell, almost touch the dusty Indian countryside, the shimmering, casual magnificence of a Bombay virtually untouched by war..."