‘Desires Wrought upon the Surface of an Image’: Photography as an Art in India  | An Article by Rahaab Allana | Indian Photographies | Scoop.it

"Photographers as ‘Artists’ appeared at a distinct moment in the history of photography in India; these ‘artist-photographers’ based their work on the aesthetics of exchange between tradition, fine art and even performance. This allows for a more complex and unrestrained view of the discipline, one in which the camera develops close links with painting and printmaking. Furthermore, these photographers sought to publicize their spaces as art ateliers, equipped with statues, furniture and painted backdrops, further emphasized by the versos of card-mounted photographs..."


Photograph : C.A Dannenberg
HH Maharaja Jaswant Singh of Bharatpur,
(Handnote on back) "Rajah of Bhurtpore,
photographed & painted by JCA Dannenberg 1863,
Sent to the Viceroy from the Rajah",
hand painted-albumen print,
dated 1863, 144 x 110 mm.
Courtesy The Alkazi Collection of Photography