OP-ED | 'Photographers must learn to edit'  by Aveek Sen | Indian Photographies | Scoop.it

"A sharp little twist was given to this problem by the historian of photography, Sabeena Gadihoke, during the launch of Nony Singh: The Archivist at the festival. “Men photograph, and women edit,” she said to the audience, subtly prodding them to reflect on the intellectual limits of photography’s unquestioned machismo. The cultivation of introspection and subjectivity was also at the core of the inaugural lecture delivered by Urs Stahel, founder and former director of the Fotomuseum at Winterthur in Switzerland. “Radicalise your shyness instead of trying to cover it up with confidence,” I overheard Urs saying to a young photographer while reviewing his portfolio, “let your work emanate from that shyness, so that what you are fighting against turns into an advantage.”