"Visual haikus needed, not just pretty pictures" | Indian Photographies | Scoop.it

"Having said that I should mention that a decent amount of high quality work happens in India but those images are not easily available for people at large to view, interpret and enjoy. They are confined to galleries or expensive photo books, which only enthusiasts and connoisseurs visit. Almost all other art forms are easier to access. We need many public venues for photographers to showcase their work easily; we need more unbiased curators and photo-editors to guide the photographers as well. In this context I would like to mention the work of Blindboys (blindboys.org) who have been exhibiting very good photography on the streets and making it really accessible to everyone. They are trying to bring photographers and viewers together. But for photography to tunnel through and emerge as a truly meaningful form of art and communication, photographers must learn to see beyond the obvious. We have to go beyond the world that we can experience through our senses or the conscious mind. Photographers have to understand their sub and unconscious minds create images of that realm. We need to go beyond taking pictures of people and objects to involve in self- reflection. We need to convey our thoughts and feelings and tell how we see the society and our times with our photographs."


Article and Photograph by Mahesh Bhat | Bangalore Mirror