Photography Quaterly PIX : upcoming issue on 'Freedom' | Indian Photographies |

"PIX is not a quarterly that rides solely on the photographs featured in the issues. (...) For every issue we juxtapose the photographers' bodies of work with a writer that we think would be able to best respond to those images. (...)

This process of combining practitioners from these two worlds sometimes leads to unexpectedly successful collaborations, for example, Indrajit Hazra's piece in the upcoming issue of PIX, speaking about Andrea Fernandes' series “Killing Kittens”. Hazra responded to the works instantaneously, providing a perspective that I feel completes the piece in a way. Incorporating text into the magazine gives it a new breathing space. (...) Photography, much like writing, is a kind of language. The images provoke some sort of feeling when one looks at them; they speak to you in some way. The writer takes that feeling and runs with it, and this is where the dialogue begins."


Tanvi Mishra | Interview for