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Artist : Bani Abidi

Title : Pari Wania, 7:42 pm, 22 August 2008, Ramadan, Karachi
Date(s) : 2009
Dimensions : 50.8 x 76.2 cms
Material : Duratrans Lightbox
Website : www.greencardamom.net
Credit : Courtesy Green Cardamom and the artist


"..Karachi Series 1 is an exploration of the place of religious minorities in a public environment not known for its acceptance of difference. During the month of Ramadan, at sunset, (in August at roughly 7.45pm) the time when Muslims break their fast, the streets of Karachi are deserted. By venturing into the street and performing everyday tasks in public, Abidi’s non-Muslim subjects reclaim a time and a place where their status as equal citizens in metropolitan Karachi is not contested..."


Bani Abidi’s videos, photographic works and drawings use elements of performance and orchestration to explore the processes of political history, popular imagination and identity formation. Abidi was born in Karachi in 1971, and currently lives between New Delhi and Karachi.