Publication | 'Aperture and Identity', Early Photography in India | Indian Photographies |

This exceptional 2009 magazine volume from Marg brings together a number of essays by new researchers. Much of the material and many writers are with the Alkazi Collection of Photography, which even supplied images for the beautiful ads. This is the first volume in a new thematic format by India's 60 year old Marg.


Particularly interesting are the two essays which cover albums, one by Lady Canning, the wife of an early Viceroy, and the other by the photographer Robert Gill. By Deepthi Sasidharan and Divia Patel respectively, they show how rich albums as scholarly topics can be. In an age when so many albums have been taken apart to sell single images, this is refreshing and very rewarding.

Another interesting essay, by Shuddhabrata Sengupta, contrasts the spectacular images of Kashmir with what is known, textually, about the miserable living conditions of the population.

Other important contributors include Rahaab Allana, Christopher Pinney, Pramod Kumar K.G. on the newly available photo-archive in Jaipur, and Sharada Dwivedi on Bombay panoramas. Neat things like re-photography of a Beato Lucknow panorama, and an interview with the owner of the prominent Mahatta Studio in Srinagar and Delhi make this a full featured contribution to Raj photography.


Edited by Rahaab Allana.