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Catalunya's home rulers used to adore their supposed SNP allies - despite barely-disguised snubs from Edinburgh.

Just a few short months ago independentistas in Barcelona were rejoicing that Scotland would have a referendum, something, even now, they can only dream of.

Now they are despairing at the prospect of Scottish nationalists being hammered in the 2014 vote - and the possibility that a No landslide here could dent Yes sentiment in Catalunya.

This weekend Vilaweb - an influential pro-independence and left-leaning internet news site - began wondering why things were going wrong in Scotland.

Its conclusion: that Scotland's independence movement was "top down" while Catalunya's was "bottom up".

"In Scotland the process is practically exclusively led by the Scottish National Party, which is opposed by an ideologically diverse coalition," wrote the site's editor, veteran Catalan journalist Vicent Partal.

"In Catalunya, by contrast - and this became clear in the last elections - the people don't want a single party or a single leader to run the process. This is more complicated to manage - but it is also more robust...

As Others See Us: the view from Catalunya (1)

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