Inclusive teaching and learning
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Inclusive teaching and learning
Many learners struggle to engage with formal education. This can be for a range of reasons and there's no simple answer to any of them. This site is about reducing the barriers to engagement wherever possible. It will often focus on technology but that's only because technology has a lot to offer in many contexts. Other 'human based' approaches can be just as effective so they'll also get space when they cross the horizon.
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ooVoo Video Chat: Free Video Chat for PC, Mac & Mobiles

ooVoo Video Chat: Free Video Chat for PC, Mac & Mobiles | Inclusive teaching and learning |
Enjoy all of ooVoo's features on your PC. It's free!

Via John Dalziel
alistairm 's insight:

Always useful to have an alternative to Skype! I like the option to record and upload to YouTube.

John Dalziel's curator insight, September 1, 2014 6:45 AM

Oovoo provides free video chat and instant messaging for up to 12 people.
The list of features includes screen and file sharing, as well as video voice mail.
Users can also record a session and upload it to YouTube for learners who are unable to attend the live meeting.
Practitioners can use this tool for exam review sessions, for example, and learners can set up small study groups.
Note: The link is for PCs but there is one for Mac & Mobile from the landing page!

Scooped by alistairm!

GEORGIE - Android based support for VI

GEORGIE - Android based support for VI | Inclusive teaching and learning |

Developed by the developer of WEBBIE, this Android app puts lots of key VI functionality in one place

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