Development That Works: OPIC Earns Money for the Treasury While Funding Development Throughout the World | Inclusive Business and Impact Investing |

The U.S. Government's development finance institution is the Overseas Private Investment Corporation. OPIC builds upon a known commodity -- our entrepreneurial spirit -- and puts it at the center of our outreach to the developing world.


OPIC is above-all an organization dedicated to free markets, and it has become one of America's most agile foreign policy instruments. It enhances U.S. foreign policy by bringing American for-profit investment into the riskiest regions and proving that for-profit American style development works.


The Overseas Private Investment Corporation provides loans, loan guarantees, political risk insurance and support for investment funds to Americans who invest in strife-ridden countries. OPIC helps extend the free market via a commercial enterprise, and they do it all while making money for the U.S. Taxpayer.

I am grateful to serve on the OPIC Board of Directors, and want to explain a few ways that OPIC works.....

Via Paola Rattu