Pascal Lamy, “Africa should strenghten trade within itself” « Afronline – The Voice Of Africa | Social Finance Matters (investing and business models for good) |

What do you want to see African countries, particularly LDCs, do in order to offset this bleak projection?


"For a continent like Africa, it is not all bleak. It is bleak for the EU and probably the US, which is only part of the trade relationship for Africa.

It is bright for Asia, which is a growing part of [trade] relationships for Africa. There is bad news in traditional markets and good news for new markets.

My advice for Africa, as I said at the AU Summit [last week], is to strengthen trade within itself. Given the global uncertainty, which I think is here to stay, the most important thing will be growing intra-African trade. This will make the economy of the continent more resilient and less prone to external shocks, like what happened on the EU, the US, China fronts."