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Rescooped by W. Robert de Jongh from Development studies and int'l cooperation!

The BRIC Countries

The BRIC Countries | Inclusive Business and Impact Investing |
For some time now, Brazil, Russia, India, and China have been grouped together under the acronym BRIC.


What are the demographic profiles of these "BRIC" countries that are increasingly looming large in the global consciousness?  While they to not quite fit the profile of more developed countries (MDCs), the BRIC countries are notable for how rapidly they are closing the gap in many metrics. 

Via Seth Dixon, Paola Rattu
Hector Alonzo's curator insight, November 2, 2014 9:21 PM

The BRIC countries are among the top 10 riches countries in the world and this article shows data supporting the idea that by 2050, These countries will pass the top 4 countries due to their booming economies. As the countries continue their upward climb they will be closer to securing their place atop of the richest countries list.

Rescooped by W. Robert de Jongh from Geography Education!

Does democracy stifle economic growth?

TED Talks Economist Yasheng Huang compares China to India, and asks how China's authoritarian rule contributed to its astonishing economic growth -- leading to a big question: Is democracy actually holding India back?


This compelling TedTalk explores the links between economic development and governmental style, oversight and influence.  While the speaker mainly discusses politics and economics in the context of China and India, Pakistan, Russia, North and South Korea are all mentioned.      

Via Seth Dixon
Matt Mallinson's comment, November 21, 2012 11:11 AM
Democracy can stifle economic growth. War will definitely stifle economic growth. North Korea doesn't look like they're going to stop fighting South Korea, if only they would combine their lands, they would probably be a much better nation as one.
Jacob Crowell's curator insight, December 15, 2014 2:17 PM

For Americans the idea that democracy can be anything but sunshine and rainbows is a hard pill to swallow. There is evidence that supports the contrary. Although democracy has the moral high ground, authoritative governments can grow at a faster rate because it does not have to address resistance where democracy fosters debate and dissent. In India, millions of people will not agree on everything and therefore progress can be slow going. 

Rescooped by W. Robert de Jongh from Development studies and int'l cooperation!

Starbucks to Open First Indian Store This Autumn

Starbucks to Open First Indian Store This Autumn | Inclusive Business and Impact Investing |

After years of studying the Indian market, Starbucks Coffee said Monday that it would open its first store here by September through a 50-50 joint venture with Tata Global Beverages, a unit of the largest business group in India.

Starbucks will be in competition with the Indian coffee chain, Cafe Coffee Day.
The announcement comes a year after Starbucks said it was going to enter this market and nearly two months after the Indian government fumbled an effort to attract more foreign investment in its retailing industry.

Via Paola Rattu
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