Six Stages to Achieving a Big Data and Innovation Culture | "IN-novation" |
Companies are realizing analytics are actually at the center of their company, whereas before analytics was just at the edge. According to Bruno Aziza of SiSense, that’s having an impact.


Aziza’s credentials are robust. Prior to SiSense, he ran data analytics programs at Microsoft, Apple and Business Objects (now a SAP company). He is the co-author of two books in the business analytics space, one of them the best-selling tome, Drive Business Performance: Enabling a Culture of Intelligent Execution(Wiley, 2008).

 He is a fellow at the Advanced Performance Institute, an independent advisory group specializing in organizational performance, and he has over 12,800 Twitter followers at @brunoaziza.




…there are six cultural stages, kind of like the five stages of grief, except that …the higher you go the better shape you’re in.


1) Increased Visibility > looking at data but not able to tell what the data is telling them.


2) Move Beyond Gut Feel > understand the data, apply judgment to it so you’re able to react to information faster than anybody else.

In these first two stages, the types of problems you’re trying to solve are backwards looking analysis. you’re building infrastructure so you understand where your data comes from and what happened yesterday.


3) Plan for Success > “Here is what success means.”


4) Execute on Strategy > align our strategy to our knowledge, our ability to adjust based on success or failure on certain actions. Very few companies are at this stage.


5) Power to Compete > you are able to compete, taking strategic market share from the market you’re in, or adjacent markets.


6) Culture of Performance >  which is more of the North Star rather than a place where you end up:  “Run it like you own it.”

Via Deb Nystrom, REVELN