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New York claims Reverse Migration from Hollywood

New York claims Reverse Migration from Hollywood | iMOVIEi - MOVIES ・LOCATIONS・BUSINESSES・PEOPLE |

To moviegoers, the intersection of New York real estate and film exists as a loop of timeless screen images. Audrey Hepburn gazes into the Tiffany window. Woody Allen and Diane Keaton sit in the shadow of the 59th Street Bridge. Meg Ryan feigns an orgasm at Katz’s.


Whether their scenes were filmed in the city or recreated on a Burbank soundstage, filmmakers have always relied on New York for the dramatic backdrops that its skyline, landmarks, restaurants, avenues and enviable apartment interiors provide.


But 80-odd years after the entertainment industry decamped for Los Angeles—its persistent warmth and sunshine conducive to long shoots, its sprawl hospitable to mammoth studio lots—an increasing number of Hollywood pros are leaving their temperate backyards and making New York their backlot once again with a handful of transactions for actual brick-and-mortar office spaces across Manhattan.


“I moved to New York eight years ago because of the level of work that was happening here,” said Eric Robertson, the visual effects supervisor at the digital studio Mr. X, which expanded from Toronto to Manhattan last year. “That and the fact that a lot of filmmakers were coming home from L.A. People just want to live here because it’s such a hotbed of creativity. And everyone loves New York.”


Of course, the film and television industry never left the city. John Cassavetes, Martin Scorsese, Woody Allen, Spike Lee and Darren Aronofsky are just a few homegrown cinematic bards who preferred to stay put. New York University’s Maurice Kanbar Institute of Film and Television famously churns out indie darlings. And quintessential New York TV series like Law & Order andSex and the City were produced locally to gritty and glossy effect—even if Seinfeld was shot in Studio City.


But over the past decade, cultural, economic and political forces have coalesced to bolster New York’s reputation as Hollywood East.

iMOVIEi's insight:

The New York State Film Production tax credit program was enacted in 2004 and now offers a 30 percent credit for eligible expenses, allocating a total of $420 million per year to the film and TV industries. A 10 percent credit specific to postproduction—the first of its kind in the country—followed in August of 2010.

Jan van Gils's curator insight, February 22, 2013 10:22 AM

New York is a city that.s reborn again and again.

That make.s this city so wonderfull.

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Filming for 'Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon' prequel to shoot NZ starting in July

Filming for 'Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon' prequel to shoot NZ starting in July | iMOVIEi - MOVIES ・LOCATIONS・BUSINESSES・PEOPLE |

Filming for the prequel to the Oscar-winning martial arts film Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon will begin in July, with actress Michelle Yeoh reprising her role as Yu Shu Lien alongside kung-fu star Donnie Yen


Pre-production for the prequel, titled The Green Destiny, is believed to have already started. Filming will be on location in Auckland, New Zealand with two weeks of shooting in China, according to BBC News.


Last year it was announced that martial-arts choreographer Yuen Wo-ping, who collaborated on the action scenes in the first film, would take over from Ang Lee in directing.


The second installment is based on the novel “Iron Knight, Silver Vase,” by the late Chinese writer Wang Dulu. The novel is part of the “Crane-Iron Pentalogy” series which also included “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.”

Filming was projected to begin in March but was pushed back over the film rights to Wang's novels. The Weinstein Company resolved the disputes and chose New Zealand as a location because of production incentive offered to filmmakers in the country.


"This introduces a new generation of star-crossed lovers, and a new series of antagonists in a battle of good and evil," screenwriter John Fusco said to Deadline last year.

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Glenn Close Movie Moved Due To Filming Permits Row

Glenn Close Movie Moved Due To Filming Permits Row | iMOVIEi - MOVIES ・LOCATIONS・BUSINESSES・PEOPLE |

Producers of a new movie starring Glenn Close are scrabbling to find a new location to shoot the finale after officials in a town in upstate New York reportedly denied them permission to film there.


The team behind the big screen adaptation of Katherine Paterson's children's book The Great Gilly Hopkins had hoped to film the final scenes in the town of Bedford, where Close has a home.


However, the plan now has to be changed after local officials reportedly refused to grant filming permits.


Suzanne Galli, whose property was to be used in the filming, tells New York Post gossip column Page Six, "The production company scouted my house, had multiple meetings and signed a contract, but the town denied the permit."


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Malaysia's Incentive Begins to Kick In

Malaysia's Incentive Begins to Kick In | iMOVIEi - MOVIES ・LOCATIONS・BUSINESSES・PEOPLE |

GEORGE TOWN: UK's New Production Ltd will be filming the international drama series "Indian Summers" on the Penang island beginning next Monday.


The drama, an international collaboration with local company Biscuit Films Sdn Bhd, will be the first international television production to be filmed entirely on location in Penang island.


Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng said on Wednesday that the companies' decision to film in Penang was made after an extensive global search was carried out for suitable locations.


Among the iconic locations in Penang that will be featured are the Crag Hotel and the Woodside Bungalow in Penang Hill, Suffolk House, Town Hall, Botanical Gardens and the state museum.

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New ‘Terminator’ Movie Changes Title As Filming Begins In New Orleans

New ‘Terminator’ Movie Changes Title As Filming Begins In New Orleans | iMOVIEi - MOVIES ・LOCATIONS・BUSINESSES・PEOPLE |

The new Terminator movie, the fifth entry in the franchise seemingly as unkillable as its own relentless title character, will apparently not be titled Terminator: Genesis after all. The film’s studio, Paramount Pictures, issued a press release this week in which it referred to the new, likely blockbuster simply as Terminator.


The press release came out to announce that the new movie, which fans are now calling Terminator 5 for lack of a better way of referring to it, began shooting in New Orleans earlier this week.

While New Orleans has become a de rigeur filming location for Hollywood in recent years due not as much to creative considerations as to the substantial tax breaks the state of Louisiana offers for productions to film there, the location means that the new Terminator movie will lack the distinctive Los Angeles locations that contributed heavily to the gritty-futuristic atmosphere of the first two Terminator films.

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Antarctica's Blood Falls Lives Up to Its Name

Antarctica's Blood Falls Lives Up to Its Name | iMOVIEi - MOVIES ・LOCATIONS・BUSINESSES・PEOPLE |

Yesterday, the trailer hit the net for an upcoming horror film called Blood Glacier, which is being released into select theaters and onto VOD outlets on May 2nd, courtesy of IFC. Heavily inspired by John Carpenter's The Thing, the film centers on a team of scientists who notice a strange, red liquid pouring down a glacier, with the 'blood' causing horrifying changes in the wildlife it comes into contact with.


You can check out the trailer below, but first we invite you to learn a little bit about the real-life location that quite clearly served as the inspiration for the film.


Located in East Antarctica, Blood Falls is the name given to a naturally-occurring plume of saltwater that perpetually flows from the Taylor Glacier, covering the ice in its path in a bloody-looking mess of red liquid.


The strange phenomenon was discovered in 1911 by an Australian geologist, and it was determined that the water flowing from the glacier is tainted with iron oxide, which gives it the unusual reddish coloring.

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Shooting of 'Vagator Mixer' completed in Goa

Shooting of 'Vagator Mixer' completed in Goa | iMOVIEi - MOVIES ・LOCATIONS・BUSINESSES・PEOPLE |

Navketan Films is all set to enter Hollywood with 'Vagator Mixer', a Hollywood film being produced by Navketan International Films Pvt. Ltd., India and Junix Entertainments, Inc., LA, USA as co-producer. 

A 45-day shooting schedule of the film, based on the theme of the famous Vagator beach in Goa, got shot on various locations in Goa. Now, a 15-day shooting schedule remains to be completed in Los Angeles. The film has Suneil Anand in the male lead with a lineup of Hollywood actors in major and supporting roles. 

Deen Bakshi, President of Junix Entertainments, Inc., says, "'Vagator Mixer will be a unique blend of high intensity romance and martial arts action aimed at the North American and World markets. Deen also plays an important role in the movie. The film is directed by Suneil Anand with Screenplay by Doug Popovich and Roland Minez. 

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Exploring the faded temples to Cambodia’s silver screen idols

Exploring the faded temples to Cambodia’s silver screen idols | iMOVIEi - MOVIES ・LOCATIONS・BUSINESSES・PEOPLE |

Once upon a time, there were 30 cinemas in Phnom Penh: smoke-filled auditoriums where crowds laughed, cried and chattered back to the characters on screen. Most are gone now, replaced with snooker halls or karaoke bars or simply demolished.


But one, the Cine Hawaii, is making an unlikely comeback as part of a million-dollar hotel and restaurant development.


One of a cluster of cinemas built from the 1930s onward, Cine Hawaii mostly showed popular Chinese-language films. Cambodians translated live over the microphone. Good characters usually had deep voices, while the villains spoke in falsetto.


Even as communist forces closed in on the city in the early 1970s, the cinemas kept their doors open. Sporadic attacks – a grenade claimed lives at the Lux on Norodom Boulevard – kept some moviegoers away.


But the cinemas were mostly full, until suddenly they were empty. When the Khmer Rouge captured and evacuated the capital, they closed the theatres and all but a few of the film reels fell into decay.

Cine Hawaii survived, sort of. In the fraught 1980s, when the country was still in civil war, the place was turned into a nightclub. Young people danced on a stage decorated with an old backdrop.


Then the theatre was abandoned again until, two years ago, new owners, wealthy Cambodians who lived in Germany, decided to give the empty space a new lease of life.

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Cool Location: The Abandoned Gantries of NYC

Cool Location: The Abandoned Gantries of NYC | iMOVIEi - MOVIES ・LOCATIONS・BUSINESSES・PEOPLE |

Gantry cranes, utilized as slips for ships carrying both goods and people, were used throughout the 20th century. However, due to the growth of other forms of infrastructure–whether that be highways or bridges–they sat in disrepair from the 1960s and 1970s on. In the past few years we have seen a revival in efforts to restore these engineering giants, or at least to develop the area surrounding the gantries. They have anchored the creation of parks–lush green areas as a part of Bloomberg’s development efforts–to historical zone designation leading to development projects of the gantries and surrounding areas.

The Port Morris section of the Bronx is an industrial area, historically home to an abundance of manufacturing, developing out of its proximity to some of the city’s major railroad yards. A symbol of this past industrial prowess that survive to this day–though currently in a degraded state–are those of the gantry cranes. Historically they were used in relation to unloading and loading ferries to North Brother Island and North Beach in Queens, to aid the neighborhoods manufacturing sector in both goods and manpower. This was most prominent in aid its aid to the railroad yard. Their use ended in the 1960s and have sat unused and abandoned since.

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Hollywood is hot for Iceland

Hollywood is hot for Iceland | iMOVIEi - MOVIES ・LOCATIONS・BUSINESSES・PEOPLE |

With a 20% rebate and eager crews, the location is drawing production as never before. The island nation has starred as a biblical landscape in 'Noah,' as Siberia, an alien planet, even Minnesota.

When filmmaker Darren Aronofsky started scouting locations for his biblical flood epic, "Noah," he had two potentially competing needs.


The landscapes on which he would shoot exteriors needed at first to look like an uninhabitable wasteland, and, after the deluge, a new garden of Eden, where Noah, his family and his ark of animals could begin to repopulate the earth.


The writer-director's production team considered Death Valley, deserts in Mexico and the Canary Islands. But when they visited Iceland, "Noah" found its port of call.


"The landscapes are surreal — practically of another world," said Scott Franklin, Aronofsky's longtime producing partner.


Thanks to a generous production rebate, eager film crews and a striking geography of dramatic black sands, glaciers and lava fields, Hollywood is warming up to Iceland as never before, turning the remote Nordic island nation into an unlikely hot spot for film and television production.

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Gov. Fallin signs extension for Oklahoma Film Rebate

Gov. Fallin signs extension for Oklahoma Film Rebate | iMOVIEi - MOVIES ・LOCATIONS・BUSINESSES・PEOPLE |

The Oklahoma Film & Music Office announced today that House Bill 2580, which preserves the $5 million per year in funding for the Oklahoma Film Enhancement Rebate Program and extends the program’s sunset date to July 1, 2024, was signed into law by Gov. Mary Fallin.


“The film rebate has helped to create jobs and bring millions of dollars in investment to the state of Oklahoma,” said Governor Mary Fallin in a news release. “I am pleased to sign the extension of this program into law and to send a message that Oklahoma continues to be ‘open for business’ when it comes to the film industry.”


The Oklahoma Film Enhancement Rebate Program has a proven track record, consecutively selling-out funding each of the last three years. In Fiscal Year 2013, the program’s annual funding cap of $5 million was utilized by two films which returned more than $15.5 million in direct dollars to Oklahoma’s economy, according to the release. Film and television production numbers also have grown by 800 percent from $11 million in economic impact in 2005 to more than $80 million in 2013. The program now serves a growing sector of local crew, who now, with the passage of this bill, may be able to remain in Oklahoma and seek employment in the film industry.


“The ten-year extension of the rebate program marks a huge victory for Oklahoma’s film industry,” said Jill Simpson, Director of the Oklahoma Film & Music Office, in the release. “We are sending the message that there is stability for our program, which is essential in securing filming in the state. The net result will be more jobs for our hardworking local crew base, and a greater volume of business for our industry support companies. We are excited for this opportunity to grow an emerging industry that will have a positive impact on Oklahoma’s economy.”

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Luc Besson's 'Lucy' - shot in Taiwan and Paris

Luc Besson's 'Lucy' - shot in Taiwan and Paris | iMOVIEi - MOVIES ・LOCATIONS・BUSINESSES・PEOPLE |

Universal has premiered the first trailer and a batch of five pictures from Lucy, a new action-thriller from Luc Besson (La Femme Nikita, The Professional) starring Scarlett Johansson as a woman accidentally caught in a dark deal who turns the tables on her captors and transforms into a merciless warrior evolved beyond human logic.

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Study: Loss of film incentive would have negative impact on NC

Study: Loss of film incentive would have negative impact on NC | iMOVIEi - MOVIES ・LOCATIONS・BUSINESSES・PEOPLE |

A new study on the impact of the film industry in North Carolina shows the tax incentives promoting the industry have a positive economic impact.


A group of film commissions across the state, including the Wilmington Regional Film Commission, commissioned the study entitled "A Supply Chain Study of the Economic Impact of the North Carolina Motion Picture and Television Industry" by NC State Poole College of Management distinguished professor Dr. Robert Handfield. It found that the industry has a net contribution to the state of $25.3 million. The study also found the industry is responsible for 4,259 jobs with an average wage of $66,000.


The study also found that every $1 of tax credit generated $9.11 of direct spending by productions.


WWAY spoke with professor Handfield Tuesday evening. "I came into it without any bias," he said. "I told them up front, I will be here to do analysis to count the flow of money and I don't know how it will end up. So I had no bias, for or against, the film industry."

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Girls Night Out: Hull streets to be transformed into 1940s London for 'fairytale' about princesses' VE Day adventures

Girls Night Out: Hull streets to be transformed into 1940s London for 'fairytale' about princesses' VE Day adventures | iMOVIEi - MOVIES ・LOCATIONS・BUSINESSES・PEOPLE |

Hull streets will be transformed to resemble iconic London landmarks when shooting of a feature film begins next month.


Girls Night Out is a "fairytale reimagining" of VE Day in 1945, when Princesses Elizabeth and Margaret were allowed out of Buckingham Palace to join in the celebrations to mark the end of the Second World War in Europe.


GNO Productions Ltd and Ecosse Films have confirmed filming will take place in Alfred Gelder Street, Land of Green Ginger, The George pub and Hull City Hall.


Neil Wallace, first assistant director, said: "Filming will take place mainly in Hull's Old Town.


"We chose Hull for a number of reasons – its architecture and history, and the city council has been very accommodating in helping us arrange filming locations."


Filming will start on Monday, April 7, and will last for two-and-a-half weeks.

Mr Wallace said: "It will be a very exciting time for the people of Hull. There will be old-style Rolls Royces pulling up outside Hull City Hall and people dressed in period costumes.

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Irish film industry reeling in the good times

Irish film industry reeling in the good times | iMOVIEi - MOVIES ・LOCATIONS・BUSINESSES・PEOPLE |

This is already showing signs of being a good year for film production, with a number of high-profile projects scheduled to begin filming around the country.


The adaptation of Colm Tóibín’s 2009 novel, Brooklyn, has begun shooting in his native Enniscorthy, with Saoirse Ronan playing the lead role of Eilis Lacey, a young Irish immigrant in 1950s New York. Domhnall Gleeson, Julie Walters and Jim Broadbent will co-star.


The film will be directed by Irish Bafta-winning director John Crowley, with other locations in Dublin and Canada.


Following its final episode of the first series last Sunday on RTÉ Two, and with the History Channel in the US showing the second series, Vikings has been given the green light for a 10-episode third season. It will begin production this summer for a 2015 release.


Irish actors Gabriel Byrne, John Kavanagh, Tadhg Murphy and David Pearse dominate the cast of a series filmed mainly in Co Wicklow with around 400 Irish people involved in their production.


Last year was a particularly strong year financially for the industry, with production activity for the Irish independent film, television drama and animation sector reaching its highest level on record and contributing over €168m to the Irish economy through employment creation and spend on local goods and services.

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Tourists flocking to see locations of TV productions

Tourists flocking to see locations of TV productions | iMOVIEi - MOVIES ・LOCATIONS・BUSINESSES・PEOPLE |

Films and TV dramas shot in Turkey are attracting a new breed of tourist that wants to sample the atmosphere of places portrayed on the screen, according to an academic of tourism management.


Seeking to transform itself from a locality known for its sun, sea and sand to a destination with diverse options for tourists, Turkish officials are hoping to capitalize on the popularity of the country’s TV shows in attracting more visitors.

Gökçe Özdemir, a professor at Yaşar University’s Tourism Management Department, said film and TV drama tourism was a new opportunity for Turkey and that the shooting of Hollywood films in the country had been instrumental in promoting the country. 

After a horse sculpture used in Brad Pitt’s historical blockbuster “Troy” was brought to the northwestern province of Çanakkale, the number of tourists visiting the site increased by 73 percent. 

At the same time, the number of tourists coming from countries where Turkish TV dramas are shown has also increased by 15 percent since the shows went on air. 

Özdemir said cinema and TV productions reflected the natural and historical structure of the places in which they are filmed and could contribute to an area’s tourist potential. 

“Many local, government and tourism authorities try to persuade foreign and local producers to make their productions in their own region. Tourism and economic earnings from films and TV dramas have reached big numbers. For example, ‘The Lord of the Rings’ made a contribution of $2 billion to New Zealand. Thanks to this film, visitor numbers reached 2.4 million in the country, good for a 50 percent increase. Following the film ‘Braveheart,’ visitors to the Wallace Monument in Scotland increased by 300 percent. Thanks to ‘Mission: Impossible 2’ national parks in Sydney saw 200 a percent increase in 2000. According to research in Britain, 80 percent of Brits have a tendency to go to the destinations they see."

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Film incentives key, but locations, crews play role

Film incentives key, but locations, crews play role | iMOVIEi - MOVIES ・LOCATIONS・BUSINESSES・PEOPLE |

When Johnny Griffin pitches Wilmington to potential film and television producers, the state tax incentive is the first topic of conversation, but it isn't the last.


"The incentive is the initial qualifier; it gets you on the table. Without that, you can't have (further) conversations," said Griffin, the director of the Wilmington Regional Film Commission. "That is kind of the way productions initially look at it, (which state) has the best incentive. Then they go from there."


In the fight to lure productions to the local industry, Griffin said a 25 percent incentive – which states like Georgia, Louisiana and Illinois offer – is what "gets you in the game."


Since North Carolina has a 25 percent refundable tax credit, Griffin said those further conversations then become about "promoting the quality" Wilmington itself has to offer productions, including an experienced crew base, soundstage space that is unrivaled on the East Coast and locations that evoke an "Anywhere, USA" vibe.


"Crew is what we are known for. When I pitch it, a lot of the other states in the conversation have only been in the business for 5 to 10 years and still don't have a strong, experienced crew base," Griffin said.

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California Governor's Office Optimistic But Offers No Guarantee of Expanded Tax Incentives

California Governor's Office Optimistic But Offers No Guarantee of Expanded Tax Incentives | iMOVIEi - MOVIES ・LOCATIONS・BUSINESSES・PEOPLE |
A sense of optimism permeated the ninth annual California Film Commission breakfast on Thursday, with references to pending legislation to expand and extend the state’s film tax credit program and recent moves to organize labor and business groups to support the bill and, more noteworthy, seek a significant increase over the annual $100 million allocation for the program.
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Tourism Dept expects major income boost from 'Thailand - The Nation

Tourism Dept expects major income boost from 'Thailand - The Nation | iMOVIEi - MOVIES ・LOCATIONS・BUSINESSES・PEOPLE |
The Tourism Department targets revenue of Bt2.5 billion from foreign movies being shot in the Kingdom this year, boosted by the second "Thailand International Film Destination Festival", which takes place from April 20-29.The theme of the festival is "Thailand - Take Two … Action!", and the initiative is to push for the country to become one of the world's leading movie locations, Acting Sub-Lieutenant Anuparb Gaysornsuwan, director-general of the department, said yesterday.

"Thailand - Take Two … Action!" signifies the fact that this year's festival is the second to be held, and also that Thailand is ready for more action despite the political disruption that took place earlier this year, but which had no significant impact on the industry, he said. 

In January and February, the country generated more than Bt600 million of revenue from foreign films being shot here. By the end of the year, it hopes to surpass the Bt2.5-billion goal, he added.

The Tourism Department, which is part of the Tourism and Sports Ministry, is preparing to host the festival after the tremendous success of the first event. 

Last year's event enabled the Kingdom to generate 22 per cent more income from the local shooting of foreign movies than in the previous year, he said. Anuparb described the "Thailand International Film Destination Festival" as one of a kind, in that it is the world's only festival that combines movie-making and tourism.
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‘Homeland’ leaving Charlotte production to film Season 4 in South Africa

‘Homeland’ leaving Charlotte production to film Season 4 in South Africa | iMOVIEi - MOVIES ・LOCATIONS・BUSINESSES・PEOPLE |

For the past three seasons, Showtime’s Homeland has filmed in a variety of locations but has called Charlotte, North Carolina their production home.


That will no longer be the case however as Claire Danes’ character, Carrie Mathison, will be reassigned to CIA stations in the Middle East for Season 4, forcing a production move to South Africa according to Star News.

“We’ve been so lucky to work with one of the best crews in the business for the last three seasons in Charlotte,” said Homelandshowrunner and executive producer Alex Gansa. “We knew going into season four that we would need to move the production overseas to tell the story of Carrie returning to the Middle East as chief of station. We are thrilled to have found a new home in Cape Town and look forward to getting season four production off the ground.”

Production is supposed to begin in mid-June and will last through the Fall, likely wrapping around November – a shoot schedule similar to that used in North Carolina previously. Season 4 is expected to debut in late Fall.


In addition to Charlotte, Homeland has filmed in Puerto Rico, Israel and Morocco over the past three seasons.

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Turkey promotes itself to Hollywood in movie locations expo | Euro Asia News

Turkey promotes itself to Hollywood in movie locations expo | Euro Asia News | iMOVIEi - MOVIES ・LOCATIONS・BUSINESSES・PEOPLE |

Turkey promoted its cultural and historical richness as well as its locations and services to American producers during an exposition in Los Angeles held by the Association of Film Commissioners International.

Location Expo, the convention organized by the association, is a trade show for film and television production, where film commissions from around the world exhibit their locations and services. This year Turkey took part in the 29th event taking place in Hollywood.


Erdal Aktan, Vice President of the Turkey Film Commission Association, told a correspondent from Anadolu Agency that Turkey is a bit behind in the film industry, but by promoting itself it will get a chance to develop.


“Every state in the U.S. has a film commission,” stated Aktan, “Filmmakers from various countries first head to commissions in order to find support for their productions as well as sourcing locations. We have now established a Turkish Film Commission for producers to get them to head to Turkey as well”.


The Turkish Film Commission, with the support and cooperation of the Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the Ministry of Economy, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and various municipalities, will promote Turkey as a go-to location for the international film industry using its natural beauty and cultural and historical richness.

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Morocco's Movie 'Mecca' Seeks a Comeback | TIME

Morocco's Movie 'Mecca' Seeks a Comeback | TIME | iMOVIEi - MOVIES ・LOCATIONS・BUSINESSES・PEOPLE |
Ouarzazate once attracted big-budget historic epics with large casts. Now, authorities hope a combination of low-budget productions and renewed Hollywood projects will save the scenic location 

At the foot of the scenic High Atlas Mountains, lies the region of Ouarzazate in southern Morocco, once dubbed the “Mecca” of the film industry for its studio facilities and the stark beauty of its locations.

Many feature scenes of Hollywood blockbusters were shot there, from 1962′s Laurence of Arabia to Gladiator in 1999.


But as the Arab Spring swept through the Middle East, and the global economic crisis put many projects on hold, the renowned region lost its appeal to international film-makers.


“For the past three or four years there’s no longer been a rush by producers to get their films shot,” Larbi Agrou, who filmed Asterix & Obelix: Mission Cleopatra there in 2000, told the AFP.


“Most people who work in films here also have other trades to keep them going — farmers, blacksmiths, carpenters. But without tourism and the cinema, Ouarzazate would be dead,” he said.


Agrou said that the first encouraging signs of a revival appeared last year, when movie stars like Nicole Kidman visited the site, along with more film productions from Morocco’s own movie industry. Just recently, a French director of Moroccan origin, Nabil Ayouch, chose Southern Morocco for scenes of his latest film, God’s Horses,which won a prize at Cannes in 2012.

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Could Maryland's Film Production Tax Incentives Double?

Could Maryland's Film Production Tax Incentives Double? | iMOVIEi - MOVIES ・LOCATIONS・BUSINESSES・PEOPLE |
A vote is expected later this week.


The Maryland legislature is weighing whether film and television productions like Netflix’s popular House of Cards should be dealt additional tax credits to entice them to keep shooting in the state.


Supporters of the bill said the measure would bring more jobs to Maryland and make the state more attractive for future movie and television filming.


Steve Lafayette is one of the people that benefited from tax incentives. An audio worker for the first season of HBO’s Veep, Lafayette moved to Maryland from Chicago before the show’s first season.


He said that since Veep aired, he’s seen more movies and television shows being filmed in Maryland, including House of Cards starring Kevin Spacey.

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Boy, Bike, Ridley and Tony | Rope of Silicon

Boy, Bike, Ridley and Tony | Rope of Silicon | iMOVIEi - MOVIES ・LOCATIONS・BUSINESSES・PEOPLE |

Watch an early short film by Ridley Scott titled Boy and Bicycle starring his brother, the late Tony Scott which Ridley directed in 1962 while a student at the Royal College of Art in London. Shot over the course of six weeks, for £65 (approx. $108 today) on 16mm and featuring his brother, the late Tony Scott, in the lead role, the short follows a young teen as he skips school. The film was shot in various locations in Hartlepool, North East England.

The short would eventually be finished in 1965 when Scott secured financing from the British Film Institute and would then include theme music by James Bond composer John Barry.


The short immediately caught my eye and after searching the Internet for commentary from others, most of which feel they see imagery they will later recognize in Scott's Alien, Blade Runner and Black Rain, I think the more obvious discussion points are visual comparisons to Ingmar Bergman's The Seventh Seal and Wild Strawberries, not to mention a kinship with Francois Truffaut's The 400 Blows.


The short doesn't have much in the way of a narrative in the traditional sense, but given the voice over's ability to translate teen angst, wonder and curiosity as a satisfying accompaniment to the imagery it really is a startling piece of work that I'm surprised hasn't been mentioned more often.

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Congatulations Albuquerque Film Office

Congatulations Albuquerque Film Office | iMOVIEi - MOVIES ・LOCATIONS・BUSINESSES・PEOPLE |

The Albuquerque Film Office has won top honors from the Location Managers Guild of America.


The office was named "Outstanding Film Commission" of 2013 at the group's inaugural awards show Saturday, beating out three Southern California film commissions and Iceland.


Organizers say the award is given to the film commission "that rises above and beyond the call of duty." The Albuquerque Film Office was nominated for its contribution to the TV production "Breaking Bad" and the feature film "Lone Survivor."


Mayor Richard Berry credits city film liaison Ann Lerner and her team for the honor. He says the "the critical assistance they provide to the industry is a key reason Albuquerque is considered a great place for filmmaking."

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Christopher Nolanon VFX: Enhancing existing locations is "preferred method of shooting"

Christopher Nolanon VFX: Enhancing existing locations is "preferred method of shooting" | iMOVIEi - MOVIES ・LOCATIONS・BUSINESSES・PEOPLE |

Christopher Nolan didn't dodge questions about Interstellar posed to him by The Hollywood Reporter's film critic Todd McCarthy, he simply refused to answer them in any great detail. And given Nolan's filmography and the little we know about Interstellar, his decision to remain close-mouthed about the project did not come as a surprise to the 2,000+ crowd gathered to hear him speak during the "From Passion to the Big Screen: The Work of Christopher Nolan" presentation presented by Paramount Pictures and Warner Bros. Pictures International at the 2014 CinemaCon at Caesars Palace in Vegas.


Nolan did touch on the very basics on the story, confirming that it's about interstellar travel and using wormholes to reach places you wouldn't otherwise be able to get to. Nolan also said the tone is different from his past films and that Interstellarlooks at where we are as people and where we might go. He hopes this will be a cinematic "experience' for audiences and says that it harkens back to the films he grew up watching.


Nolan also revealed that he shot more footage in IMAX for Interstellar than for any of his other movies. He has ambitious plans for the sound mix and, using existing equipment in theaters, hopes to immerse moviegoers in this world he's created on screen. Currently, Nolan's finished with the shooting and in what he calls the most interesting part of the process: putting together the first cut.

According to Nolan, Interstellar earned its November release rather than a summer berth because it will take time to complete the extensive special effects. That said, Nolan used practical locations whenever possible. Nolan believes that an audience can tell when a film's shot in front of a green screen and when it's shot on location, and they connect on a different level to films shot practically. Enhancing the existing location by visual effects is Nolan's preferred method of shooting, and he also believes it plays a large part in actors being able to get into their characters.

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